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5 Places to Learn to Sail This Summer

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Summer is here, and the ocean’s call is in your head morning, noon, and night. I know the feeling. All I can think about is having one too many painkillers on the beach in Jost Van Dyke or watching Molokai grow larger right before my eyes as we sail away from the west Maui coast. When the day’s activity has slowed to a crawl, you get an undeniable feeling while at anchor. You can hear the water gently brush against the hull, and the sound of silence on the ocean is deafening. 

This is why we sail. Is it the tranquility, the adventure, or the breathtaking beauty of the outdoors? It is a touch of all those things wrapped into a sailing vacation in a foreign destination.

This summer, find your sailing adventure with one of our American Sailing schools that want you to join them on a trip of a lifetime.

Rhode Island — Anchors Aweigh Sailing School

Explore Narragansett Bay while sailing to Newport and Block Island with Anchors Aweigh Sailing School.  Their 4-day/3-night excursions allow you to earn your ASA 104 and ASA 114 certifications.

Dates Available:  July 2023

Narrangansett Bay, Rhode Island

The Destination: Sailing in Narragansett Bay, where the ocean breeze kisses your cheeks, and the salty air fills your lungs with pure bliss. This picturesque haven along the Rhode Island coast should be on every sailor’s bucket list.  As you set sail, the glistening waters guide your vessel past charming coastal towns and iconic lighthouses. Feel the exhilaration as you navigate through the bay surrounded by breathtaking views of opulence and nature. Drop anchor in secluded coves, explore historic Newport, and relish in the local seafood delicacies. Sailing in Narragansett Bay is a delightful journey that weaves together natural beauty, nautical heritage, and an exploration of the epicenter of the American sailing world.

Catalina Island — Blue Pacific Yachting

Sail Catalina Island with Blue Pacific while earning your ASA 101, 103, 106, and 114 certifications.

Dates Available: June, July, August

Catalina Island, California

The Destination: Sailing to Catalina Island is an exhilarating adventure on the waters of the Pacific. As the sails catch the gentle breeze, the boat glides gracefully, offering breathtaking views of the California coastline. The journey begins with anticipation, the sound of waves providing a soothing rhythm. Sunlight dances on the waves, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Dolphins playfully escort the vessel, adding to the sense of wonder. The island’s rugged cliffs gradually emerge, revealing its pristine beauty. Anchoring in Avalon or Two Harbors, the island’s charm unfolds. Exploring its hidden coves, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, and indulging in island cuisine create memories to cherish. Sailing to Catalina Island is an unforgettable experience, a perfect fusion of nature’s grandeur and maritime serenity.

Grenada — LTD “Living the Dream” Sailing

“Living the Dream” Sailing in Grenada is offering 10” off the Cruise and Learn Courses thi summer.  Book by 30 June 2023, and set sail by 28 October 2023 to enjoy 10% off your all-inclusive Cruise and Learn adventure!

Dates Available: Summer 2023


The Destination: Picture yourself sailing in the captivating paradise of Grenada, where Caribbean dreams come true. As your boat glides through the sparkling turquoise waters, you’re greeted by the rhythmic melodies of steelpan music floating in the air. The island’s lush greenery and vibrant landscapes paint a mesmerizing backdrop, tempting you to drop anchor in secluded bays. Dive into the crystal-clear depths to discover a kaleidoscope of marine life, or simply relax on pristine white sand beaches. Indulge in the flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon, and tropical fruits, immersing yourself in the island’s rich cultural tapestry. Sailing in Grenada is an irresistible voyage of discovery, blending natural wonders, warm hospitality, and the true essence of Caribbean paradise.

Greece — Fairwinds Sailing

Go on a 5-day learn to sail vacation in Greece and explore the Island of Corfu, Syvota and Paxos.  This could be a refresher course, a leisure week of sailing or a way to build your sailing resume.

Dates Available:  Summer 2023


The Destination: Sailing in Corfu, Greece. Prepare to be enchanted on a delightful journey through the azure waters of the Ionian Sea. As the sea breeze whispers through your hair, the warm Mediterranean sun caresses your skin, creating a blissful ambiance. The coastline of Corfu beckons with its lush greenery and hidden coves just waiting to be explored. Drop anchor in secluded bays, dive into crystal-clear waters, and let the sun-kissed beaches tickle your toes. And when the day is done, indulge in a feast of fresh seafood while sipping on a glass of Assyrtiko, toasting to the beauty of Corfu and the joys of life at sea. 

Europe — Whitecaps Sailing

Sail Europe with Capt. Jean and Admiral Mila.  Their ever popular flotillas attract ASA sailors each summer.  Earn a new certification or work on your sailing skills while visiting a new sailing destination.

Dates Available:  Summer 2023


The Destination:  Sailing in Turkey, Italy, and Croatia is like embarking on a dreamy voyage and White Caps Sailing gives a choice from a trifecta of Mediterranean marvels. Picture this: you’re cruising along the Turkish coast, basking in the sun while sipping on a refreshing çay (tea). Dazzling turquoise waters invite you to dive in and explore.  

Or you choose Italy, as it steals your heart with its romantic charm and mouthwatering cuisine. Imagine anchoring near the Amalfi Coast, with the scent of citrus flowing down the hills. Have an Aperol Spritz as you watch the sunset with Positano in your viewfinder.

You could choose to sail to Croatia. The Adriatic coastline is a treasure trove of ancient cities like Dubrovnik and Split. Get lost in the narrow cobblestone streets, feast your eyes on medieval architecture, and swim in the crystalline waters of the Dalmatian islands. Visit Korcula and Hvar on a sailor’s paradise vacation!