Summer Sailstice June 24, 2023 🔉

By: American Sailing Association, Event

On Saturday, June 24, 2023, American Sailing is again a Gold Level Sponsor of the 23rd annual Summer Sailstice, the biggest sail event of the year where everybody everywhere sails at the same time! Founded back in Feb 2001 by John Arndt, Publisher of Latitude 38, Summer Sailstice is the annual global celebration of sailing held on the weekend nearest to the summer solstice and the longest days of the year in the northern hemisphere. The event has grown from 200 boats in 2001 to over 5000 boats around the world that unite thousands of sailors with a schedule of events that encourages everyone to participate. 

American Sailing is uniting all of its over 400 Affiliate academies, clubs, schools, and charter companies to collaborate and participate in this event. 

Use the GoSailing App to participate in Summer Sailstice

Use ASA’s “Go Sailing” app to connect with other sailors locally and to join with Summer Sailstice globally! The GoSailing App connects sailors with people who love to be on the water. The GO SAILING app helps you find crew or apply to be crew on other skippers’ trips. The app also has sailing-related social events, seminars, and sailing lessons.

Win prizes for participating in Summer Sailstice

Summer Sailstice 2023 is giving away prizes to participants. Take a look at the giveaways . You can also win prizes for your photos, videos, and boats! See the page for details.


Who: Sailors and non-sailors worldwide

When: June 24, 2023

Where: Global (wherever there’s wind, water and sails)

How: Register at, add your sailing plans and invite others to join your event. All registered participants are automatically entered into the draw for prizes.  

Why Summer Sailstice?

When you participate you become part of a larger community of sailors who are part of a global demonstration of sailing. Special events are organized by clubs and individuals. Organizing an event is easy – just follow the instructions on the Summer Sailstice website.

You could also use the GoSailing App that connects sailors with people who love to be on the water. The GO SAILING app helps you find crew or apply to be crew on other skippers’ trips. There are also sailing-related social events, seminars, and sailing lessons on the app.

How Do You Participate in Summer Sailstice?

It is as easy as going sailing but this is an opportunity to meet other sailors nearby or to get involved with sailing clubs and organizations around you. The Summer Sailstice website is the hub that helps organize the entire endeavor. You can create your own or join an event on their website and register to win prizes from the Summer Sailstice sponsors. When you create an event the Summer Sailstice website has all the tools ready for you to easily invite new sailors as well as spread the word about your sailing get-together.

  • Individual Events! You go out on a solo sail, or invite your friends and family out for the day together.
  • Public Events! You are inviting the public to participate in a sailing event, such as an Open House at your sailing club or community sailing group.
  • Demonstration Events! Your club is hosting a race or cruise that showcases and publicizes sailing but is not open to the public.
  • Wait, are you busy racing? That is perfect! just post it as an Individual Event and you’re in! Whether you’ve been sailing in the sailstice for 15 years or are new to the community, it’s easy to participate in the fun. Join at