Sailing with Spinnaker Sailing – Redwood City

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Sailing in San Francisco is definitely for the sailor who loves to be challenged; sailing with a school that knows the area intimately is important. Spinnaker Sailing Redwood City has operated in the area for a few decades. The group of instructors is a veteran bunch who can handle all your sailing education needs. 

Spinnaker Sailing has shared a few ideas and thoughts about sailing in San Francisco.

What Are Your Top Three Reasons to Sail With Spinnaker Sailing?

  • Spinnaker has always put a lot of emphasis on teaching students the fundamentals and practical skills required to sail safely on San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. More than just certification, we want every student to leave confident that they can sail safely and confidently on their own.  Unlike some schools more interested in gaining charter customers, we are more concerned with developing confident, skilled sailors.  This has always been our mission at Spinnaker.
  • Our location lends itself perfectly to teaching.  Located on the Redwood Creek Estuary, the protected channel provides the perfect conditions for new sailors to learn to sail.  Smooth sea conditions and moderate winds make for the perfect conditions for entry-level sailors.  As the student progresses in training, they move to the stronger conditions presented on San Francisco Bay.   Our location enables us to provide this step-by-step process in student development.
  • More than just lessons, Spinnaker has developed a program to provide students a way to continue their skill development for one year after taking lessons through our sailing club membership.  This program gives students unlimited free sailing activities for one year to refine skills and develop self-confidence at an extremely affordable cost.  We don’t just want to teach people the basics and put them out on their own but provide a way for them to continue to sail with unlimited support during their most important year of development. Their first year. 

Three Things to See While Sailing With Spinnaker Either on a Charter or Out of Redwood City

  • The Port of Redwood City is an industrial Port with Commercial freighters and wharf facilities for importing and exporting industrial materials.  Big ships and wharfage activity are regular sites around the Redwood City Channel.
  • The Redwood City channel also is bordered by large wetland areas.  You can expect to see various wildlife, including seals and sometimes even a harbor porpoise.  The Redwood City bay lands are also home to many species of birds that thrive in their environment.  You see Terns, Egrets, Heron, Pelicans, and much more.
  • San Francisco lies approximately 20 miles north of Redwood City but is easily reached in 3- 4 hours.  The full sites of Bridges and the City of San Francisco and neighboring cities are on full display.  The sail home is quicker and downwind, making it a quick and fun journey. 

When is the Best Time to Visit/Sail with Spinnaker Sailing?

Spinnaker Sailing operates 12 months a year, and conditions vary from season to season.  The prime sailing season is from March through October, when the wind conditions are at their best.  The months of November through February, although very pleasant, generally present less dependable days of wind as temperatures tend to be a bit cooler.  

What kind of sailing community is there in San Francisco?

Redwood City has always had an active sailing community. There are currently 6 marinas in the immediate area with plenty of berthing and shoreside amenities. 

There are several yacht clubs as well as junior sailing and collegiate sailing programs.  The Redwood City area is host to many regattas sponsored by The. Various associations, including High School regattas, Collegiate regattas, and Yacht Club sponsored regattas.  Spinnaker Sailing also hosts its own one-design race program for members and students.

Is it a good spot for first-time cruisers or is it more for experienced sailors?

Redwood City area is one of the ideal locations to sail out of, particularly for those who live near the area.  Warm weather and smoother sea condition makes it a wonderful place to sail out of.  The conditions lend themselves particularly well for new sailors as there is less traffic, lighter currents, and a little less wind than you would typically find on parts of the Bay.