Where To Go After You Set The Hook

By: Destinations

I had not sung karaoke since college, and I wasn’t really planning on starting. If you spend time with sailors, they tend to want to have a good time, and too much of a good time means you’ll be doing something you might later regret.

I belted out a song at Stan and Joe’s Saloon, and I probably had a few beers. I talked sailing for way too long, and then I stumbled through Downtown Annapolis before I was picked up at the dock for a quick ride back to the boat.

We never stop exploring and these are some of the spots we have seen over the last year or so. These are the places where sailing has taken us. I stopped in for a quick drink, some long conversations, and a thousand unforgettable memories as we sailed and explored destinations to share with our members.

Korcula, Croatia
42.9607° N, 17.1345° E
There is a bar in Korcula atop a medieval Zakerjan Tower that people flock to. While you should have a drink there, find a spot within the old town for a meal and a bottle of Croatia wine. Listen to the sound of people walking by on the old stone or look out onto the ocean from Old Town Korcula. This place is magical.

18.2002° N, 63.0989° W

Time has somewhat stood still in Sandy Ground on Anguilla. The laid back island lifestyle is set up for sailors. Walk along the beach, grab a Carib and sink your toes into the sand.

Yellow Beach, Isla de Pinel
18.105394° N, 63.015991° W

This hidden gem is where you go for lunch. The anchorage is shallow so be very aware of the depth when looking for a spot. As the afternoon progresses, the restaurant closes and the beach is left quiet and desolate. Your late afternoon is spent on an empty beach with crystal clear water and a sunset all to yourself.

Jetties Nantucket
41.2976° N, 70.1052° W

Oysters and beers right on the beach. Nantucket is an excellent destination for the sailor who wants some exploration but still wants the comforts of never leaving the country. With its many culinary delights, incredible sailing community, and rich sailing history, this is a must-visit for every sailor.

Newport, Rhode Island
41.4855° N, 71.3184° W

Stroll along America’s Ave or stop into a restaurant along Thames and you will be immersed in the sailing culture. Newport is the epicenter of sailing in the USA. Sure, Bowen’s Wharf is a bit touristy but go ahead and indulge your inner tourist and have some oysters and a lobster roll. Take your dinghy through the mooring field for a parade of impressive sailing vessels.

Sunset in Sorrento

Sorrento, Italy
40.6354° N, 14.3888° E
Order a Spritz, a bowl of pasta with some local seafood and enjoy the view in Sorrento. This seaside destination is the gateway to Amalfi. From here you can visit Positano, Capri and Naples.

St. Michaels
38.7872° N, -76.2185° W
Walking the quaint streets of this town on the banks of Miles River just off the Chesapeake Bay, you come across so much history and a rich culture that dates back to the 1700’s. You will also find plenty of crab to indulge in.

Annapolis Karaoke
38.9782° N, 76.4948° W
Are you wondering where the karaoke spot is in Annapolis? Stan & Joe’s Saloon is right in the heart of town. Just be careful with the song that you choose to sing. There are some very talented singers in this spot!