Intro to Sailing: Online Course

By: Elearn, Learn To Sail

Now is the perfect time to start learning how to sail! We have created an online course to help you get started before you get to the dock. Sailing is a sport that requires knowledge of new terms and concepts before you ever step foot on a boat..

A New Online Course for Beginners

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This course is designed to be a:

  • Introduction for those interested in sailing
  • Preparation for new ASA 101 students
  • Refresher for sailors getting ready for ASA 103

You’ll start by learning to identify the different parts of a sailboat. Did you know that sailing has literally hundreds of unique vocabulary words? Learning these terms is important before you show up to go sailing so you can be understood. “Pull the thingy next to the whatchamacallit” isn’t exactly effective communication.

Next, you will learn the magic of how sailboats are able to sail even when the wind isn’t headed toward your destination. Sailboats can head upwind! Understanding the physics of how this is possible is great fun.

Later, you will learn sailing techniques while on the water. This includes operating your sails, lines, and winches to maneuver the boat toward a destination. These maneuvers are called tacks and jibes and are the secret to how a sailboat is able to sail upwind.

Finally, you’ll learn essential aspects of seamanship like safety skills, keeping the boat in shipshape, caring for the sails, and navigation rules.

Come aboard and join us for an informative course that will prepare you to hoist the mainsail and begin your sailing journey that lasts for years!

What’s Included

✔️ 4-6 Hours of study ✔️ Unlimited Access

✔️ 12 x Videos ✔️ 5 x Sections ✔️ 26 x Lessons ✔️ 5 x Quizzes

✔️1 x Final Exam ✔️1 x Completion Certificate

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