Holiday Gift Guide For Sailors

2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Sailors

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Is this the year that you get your shopping done early?  We are all trying to get ahead of the shopping frenzy and this year American Sailing is helping you find some great gift ideas for sailors.

Don’t forget that you are a sailor as well, so grab yourself a few nice items from your wish list.  These gift ideas are perfect for sailors, outdoor enthusiasts, and any person who likes nice gear.  

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American Sailing Hat

Need a hoodie, a t-shirt, or a hat? American Sailing gear is available on the website. Grab a daysail drawstring bag for a friend and treat yourself to a nice American Sailing enamel mug.  You’ll need a hat, well, everyone in the family will need a hat so you might want to buy a few.

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California Cowboy Fleece

Their clothes double as towels or as fashion statements. The California Cowboy apparel is perfect for your adventurous sailor who also enjoys clothing with a bit of character. 

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Ronstan Rope Bags

The rope bag is the item on your boat that you never really knew you needed. Decrease the clutter of lines and create some space with Ronstan rope bags.  

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Give The Gift of Studying?

101/103/104 Study Quizzes

Prepping for your ASA tests can be as stressful as sitting for your SATs, GMAT, or LSAT. You’ve spent hard-earned money and time investing in your sailing future and passing the final tests are important. We have developed these inexpensive quizzes to help you find holes in your knowledge and identify where you need to improve your skills.

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Henri Lloyd Sailing Jacket

The sailing jacket that is light and eco-friendly. The O-Race Jacket 3L Gore-Tex will keep you dry and makes you feel good about the environment.  Made with recycled Gore-Tex face Fabric. Contoured to reduce windage, unlined to speed up drying time, and a Double storm flap with drainage channel. This sailing jacket has it all.

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Sailing Made Easy (ASA Textbook 101)

SAIL magazine calls it “The most comprehensive learn to sail book on shelves today.” American Sailing Association’s new full color, richly illustrated, 120-page textbook for its basic keelboat certification (Level 101).

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Nomadix Towel

This multi-purpose towel from Nomadix is the perfect boat towel. It does everything. Nomadix is a multi-purpose towel that performs for any activity, including travel, yoga, boating, and at the beach. You will never need another towel.

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The Ocean

The Ocean: The Ultimate Handbook of Nautical Knowledge by Chris Dixon and Jeremy Spencer is chock full of answers. Broken up into six sections, Boating, Surfing, Science, Survival, SCUBA and Snorkelling, and Fishing, the topics are approached by leaning on experts in the fields or experienced participants. The information flows like a discussion at a campfire on the beach rather than a lecture in a study hall.

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ASA Complete Collection of Textbooks

A bundle of 6 Official ASA Textbooks – for those interested in becoming an advanced ASA Certified sailor. 

  • ASA 101, Sailing Made Easy
  • ASA 103, Coastal Cruising Made Easy
  • ASA 104, Bareboat Cruising Made Easy
  • ASA 106, Advanced Cruising & Seamanship
  • ASA 110, Let’s Go Sailing
  • ASA 114, Cruising Catamarans Made Easy

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