Places to See, Things To Do and the Beach Bars That Must Be Visited in the BVI

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The British Virgin Islands are a famously popular spot for bareboat charters in the Caribbean. In fact, more ASA students choose the BVI as their destination of choice than any other charter destination. 

After you have obtained your ASA 104 certification and you want to head to the British Virgin Islands for a bareboat charter, how are you going to fill your itinerary? We have a few ideas of things to do in the British Virgin Islands on your sailing vacation.

Are you ready to charter in the British Virgin Islands? Take a look at some tips and itineraries for your British Virgin Islands Vacation.

Things To See and Do in the British Virgin Islands

Mount Sage (Tortola) – Who goes to an island then heads away from the beach and climbs a mountain? Those who want to catch the perfect sunset or catch a glimpse of all of the British Virgin Islands from up high. You’ll hike through a Caribbean rainforest under a canopy of trees to the tune of singing birds. The views open up near the top, but along the way you will catch a glimpse or two of nearby islands and exotic birds. This is the perfect excursion after a few too many beach days. 

The Baths (Virgin Gorda) – You see pictures of the Baths every time you search for the British Virgin Islands, so naturally, you have to visit the ever-popular rock outcrop. Go early or late and you’ll be able to capture a great image without people to ruin your shot. Go in the middle of the day, and you’ll be elbowing other people out of your bathwater. The white sand beach is an attraction all its own, and the snorkeling is worth lugging your gear around as you explore the serene caves and granite rock formations.  

Rhone Marine Park (Salt Island) – Divers are treated to a fairly intact wreck at 30 to 90 feet below the surface.  In addition to the wreck of the Royal Mail Steamer, divers can enjoy other dive sites such as Rhone Reef, Blonde Rock, and Painted Walls. This marine park encompasses 800 acres and is home to native seagrass beds as well as protected reefs. Anchoring is not allowed in the park and all vessels must use available moorings.

Anegada – This flat sun-splashed beach paradise will appear to be devoid of activity.  That is the reason you head to Anegada. The crystal clear water begs you to don a mask and snorkel and the perennial sunshine motivates you to find a palm tree for some shade. Seafood is deliciously on every menu and watersports are ever popular in the calm waters inside the barrier reef. Anegada is worth the sail time required to get to this outlying island but be mindful of the local conditions. 

The Beaches – With so many options for beaches in the British Virgin Islands, it is best not to make a list of the best ones. Instead, explore the different qualities that make some among the most popular. Smugglers Cove is remote, quiet and good for a long day of relaxing. Apple Bay is popular with beachgoers who enjoy some wave action as the surf is often as good as it gets in this part of the Caribbean. Cane Garden Bay is a great anchorage and a hub of activity so if you are looking to be social at a beach bar you’ll love it.

Jost Van Dyke – Spend any time in Great Harbour and you’ll entertain the idea of becoming a professional beach bum. The white-sand beaches, the inviting boaters’ atmosphere, and the never-ending rum drinks make this a must-see in the British Virgin Islands. If there is a spot where you should never wear a watch and you should laugh with strangers at a beach bar Jost Van Dyke is the right candidate. Jost Van Dyke is home to legendary beach bars, Soggy Dollar Bar and Foxy’s.

Let’s Not Forget The Epic Beach Bars in The British Virgin Islands

  • Foxy’s – If you have ever been to a Foxy’s barbecue you will have a few memories that you will never forget along with quite a few moments that you cannot recall. It’s the rum. It’s the fun. It’s the complete package of a beach bar that puts a premium on the fun. So yes, you will sing aloud to Foxy’s guitar playing, you’ll dance in the sand and you might even get a crazy idea of taking a moonlight dip in the water. 
  • Soggy Dollar Bar (Jost Van Dyke) – The legend is that the Painkiller was invented and perfected at this bar on White Bay on Jost Van Dyke. Their slogan “A Sunny Place For Shady People” says enough about the attitude at his lively beach bar.  The soggy dollar reference comes from the fact that there is no dinghy dock so you’ll be swimming to grab a drink.
  • Willy T – You do know it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? This floating bar in The Bight Bay on Norman Island is where happy hour happens all day long. By the time the sun sets dinghies are tied along each side and happy boaters are leaping off the back of the bar. The Willy T has been legendary in the British Virgin Islands for over 35 years.