ASA Featured Instructor: Genevieve Evans

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Captain Genevieve Evans is the owner of two sailings schools Go Sail Flathead Lake in Montana and Go Sail Virgin Islands in the US Virgin Islands. She seems to have a perpetual smile on her face and she loves nothing better than being out on the water sharing her love for sailing with new students.

Captain Genevieve Evans is ASA’s Featured Instructor

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ASA: What got you into sailing?

Captain Genevieve Evans:

12 years ago, I had an itch and it could not be denied. I sought out to explore my curiosity of sailing by jumping on a boat with someone I barely knew and sailing throughout the Bahamas
for six months. On that journey I realized a few things about myself;

1. The typical corporate life was not fulfilling for me.
2. There is pure joy in finding purpose.
3 There’s no possible way I could go through my life without sailing in my future.

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ASA: What was your most memorable student or class?
Captain Genevieve Evans:

My favorite class was an instructor evaluator clinic (IQC) where I was the Instructor Evaluator. It was a sunny Caribbean day at sea, and I was on an IC 24 Keelboat full of 6 Instructor Candidates for ASA 201 from all over the world. During the IQC in the British Virgin Islands, we found common ground, gave each other grace, and supported each other with stories and experiences. You could really see the acceptance and patience they gave each other through their presentations.

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ASA: Your favorite place to sail?
Captain Genevieve Evans:

My absolute favorite place to sail is on a new adventure. The very nature of a sailor is exploring the unknown, with challenges. Owning two sailing schools keeps me busy. I spend my summers on Flathead Lake at Go Sail Flathead Lake, winters teaching in the Virgin Islands at Go Sail Virgin Islands, and off time in new waters.

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ASA: What do people not know about sailing that they should?

Captain Genevieve Evans:

Sailing is not right or wrong, it’s a colorful journey with challenge and self-reliance. It is a testament to you that you can continue to learn something new.

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ASA: Why do you Sail?

Captain Genevieve Evans:

Sailing is my passion. Sailing is empowering because of this sense of self-reliance that I feel and the confidence that I attain. My desire to be independent, to be a problem solver, to enjoy my natural environment all drive me to sail.

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ASA: How do we attract more women to sailing?
Are there obstacles to sailing for women that are not widely known?

Captain Genevieve Evans:

Picture yourself standing at the helm of your boat on bluebird day with 15 knots of warm breeze, maybe it’s an afternoon joy ride or a mission to get somewhere. Is a glorious day at sea, you are at peace, you are calm, the boat is riding the waves, and you have a big smile on your face. You have no fear because you know exactly what to do, no one is yelling at you, and you know exactly where you are going. You took sailing classes from a like minded woman, and she inspired you.

Good sailing Captains are good leaders. There is communication, understanding, empathy, planning, organizing, listening, and command of the situation. Does this sound like anyone you know? She is in there; she just needs someone to see her and encourage her and women instructors know that.

“Sailing became my purpose through sailing voyages. I realized I am the person that walks towards the fire not away. So, when the opportunity presented itself, a life of a sailor, a life
of epic adventure, a bit of unknown, with the ability to teach, I grabbed that purpose unicorn and sailed away without looking back.”  – Genevieve Evans

Captain Genevieve Evans can be found sailing in Montana and in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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