What Is In Your Sailing Bag?

By: Equipment

I bought the perfect sailing bag in Newport, Rhode Island. I didn’t need it but, it called me in the window.  A big number #3 stitched to the side of the bag made out of an old sail.  It’s ample in size and could fit so many cool things. It made me think about the importance of having the right “stuff” with you for a daysail.

What you take with you for a day of sailing is vital to you having a good time.   

An excellent sweater to keep warm and a bottle of champagne for a post sail drink. Charcuterie, pastrami, pork rinds, and chocolate, because we all need some snacks.  

What’s in your bag? 

What You’ll Find In My Sailing Bag

The Ocean

The Ocean by Chris Dixon and Jeremy K Spencer. Ever since I read this book, I have kept it by my side. The Ocean is an ocean book that is written by ocean lovers for ocean lovers. It does not read like a textbook, it reads like an evening on the dock, talking to your friends about sailing, the ocean, and the intriguing places that sailing has taken you.  This book is not always meant to be read straight through. This is a reference book and a storytelling book and a fun book to quiz your friends with while sipping the champagne you included in your sailing bag.

My Medic First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is something that should stay on your boat but the My Medic First Aid Kit is quite versatile. If I am candid it is always in my car and my boat.  The kit is waterproof, crushproof, and stocked with everything you could need for a day sail or an afternoon kayak to the beach.  

Dubarry Aquatech Sailing Fleece

I never leave home without my Dubarry Sailing Fleece sweater. It is the one sweater that works under my jacket or while wearing shorts in the late afternoon. You’ll love features such as a stretchy hem and cuffs for a flexible fit, zipped hand-warmer pockets with a warm, brushed microfibre lining, a stand-up collar with a chin guard, and flat-locked seams for comfortable wear.  More than anything, it fits so well that I look 10 pounds thinner!  

Gill Marine Gloves

Gill Marine Deckhand Glove

I am one of those people that has multiple pairs of sailing gloves in their sailing bag. You never know when you will hop on a friend’s boat so I carry a few with me.  My favorite sailing glove is the Gill Marine Deckhand Glove. Running a close second is the Pro Glove, also from Gill Marine. I love the Deckhand Glove because they have offset finger seams that remove pressure points and help reduce wear and double-layer Amara reinforcement that does not absorb or hold water and dries quickly. Add in 4 way stretch fabric across the back of the hand that provides UV 50+ protection. And you have a comfortable glove that works in all conditions.

Vanguard Binoculars

My sailing bag always has a set of binoculars and the Vanguard VEO ED Binoculars are currently a mainstay.  They are lightweight yet rugged and 100% waterproof.  Yes, they have made it into the water on several occasions while on a quick shore excursion on our kayaks.  My favorite on the Vanguard Binoculars is the large 20mm eyepieces that make it so much easier to focus on my subjects.

Stream2Sea Sunscreen

Ever since an ASA Captain turned me on to Stream2Sea products, their sunscreen has found a place in my sailing bag. Environmentally friendly products are always a plus for sailors as we are at the forefront of conservation. I will warn you that the sunscreen goes on thick and it feels less oily than most brands. It works though, and if you need protection from the sun while not harming the reefs or marine life the Stream2Sea products are worth looking at.

What else is in my sailing bag?

  • A microfiber beach towel, because you never know when you are going to get wet.
  • A Chappy Wrap Blanket because you never know when you are going to get cold.
  • Lani Shades sunglasses because you never know when you have to shield your eyes from the sun.
  • A corkscrew because you never know when the celebratory bottle of wine will need to be opened.
  • My Spinlock Deckvest Lifejacket because you always know it is time to be safe on the water.