What Is Your Favorite Boat Music?

By: Sailing Fun

If I want a guaranteed eye roll from my wife while sailing,  I can turn the volume up on the radio and play Sammy Hagar’s “Sailing” and sing at the top of my lungs.  It’s not that she doesn’t enjoy good sailing music I think she doesn’t enjoy how I practically leave my body and get lost in my thoughts when a great song is played while out on the water.  Okay, if I’m honest she might not enjoy my voice but when I am sailing I am going to sing!

I should note that if I am singing along to the Ka’au Crater Boys and she is reminiscing about the West Maui Mountains with our boys she’ll allow the singing. 

Try not to sing along Jack Johnson, Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds covering Jimmy Buffet’s Pirate Looks at Forty

Do you have a few favorite songs for sailing? Take a listen to these.

Kenny Chesney

I am guilty of playing a lot of music on my sailboat of raucous behavior and endless beach parties. Kenny Chesney does this type of music quite well. I listen to Kenny Chesney and I want to be on Jost Van Dyke

Jack Johnson

If there is one artist that epitomizes my own flip flop, shorts, and sailing culture it is Jack Johnson. It’s eternally summer when I listen to Jack Johnson.  You can’t get on my boat or my backyard or my car without hearing Jack Johnson. If you are a sailor, surfer, beach lover it doesn’t matter. Jack Johnson is always a good idea.


Mishka may not be on your boat music radar but it is laid back and current.  Do not listen to Mishka if you think you want to race your sailboat. This is music that is meant to be heard while taking it very slowly.

Bob Marley and Ziggy

You can’t sail without playing some Bob Marley.   However, you should also include some Ziggy Marley as his music is upbeat and he forces you to smile. Get out on the boat and try not to sing along to Ziggy Marley. You can’t do it!

Jimmy Buffett

While I appreciate Jimmy Buffett as much as any sailor I understand that it is almost a cliche to be on a sailboat and listen to Jimy’s music.  Wait, I don’t care about that, if you go sailing with me there is a good chance you will listen to more Jimmy Buffet than you have ever heard in your life. 


Beach culture and the ocean vibes permeate through the music of Pepper. Warm water, sand, wind in the sails…it all comes through in this music. 

Slightly Stoopid

Much like Pepper, this is music that is rooted in having sand between your toes and a smile on your face.  Music that transports you to the ocean, craving the sun and having a good time with friends. This is not strictly sailing music as it is more about beach culture.

Stick Figure

If there is a song that transports me to the ocean it is Angels Above Me by Stick Figure.  I just listened to it and I need to go sailing. Right Now!