Sailing Bahamas with Cruise Abaco

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Explore the Bahamas with Cruise Abaco

Spend any time in the azure blue waters of the Bahamas and you’ll fall in love with the region. White sand and crystal clear water coupled with dependable wind and you have the recipe for your new favorite sailing grounds. 

The Abacos are an archipelago of islands and cays spread out over 650 square miles and roughly 180 miles from mainland Florida. Diving, sailing and beachcombing are the main attractions in this pristine paradise in the Bahamas. 

Cruise Abacos is getting its sailing season started in the Bahamas with charters in the coming months.  Earning your ASA certification with cruise Abaco allows you to take advantage of their unique “Captain by day, Bareboat by night” concept.   While on a sailing vacation designed to learn how to sail you will also have the freedom to enjoy the region and experience a bareboat charter in the Bahamas.   The Captain / Instructor is with you during the day, sailing, teaching, and stopping to experience all that the Bahamas has to offer and at the end of the day you have your privacy to commence with your sailing vacation. You’ll have the freedom to explore shore excursions and nightlife and the following morning your instructor returns for additional instruction and a change of destinations. 

ASA asked Cruise Abaco about Sailing in the Bahamas

What are your top three reasons to sail the Bahamas?

1. Protected Sea Of Abaco with an abundance of marine life and large open uncrowded sailing area that stretches for miles and snorkeling paradise on the third-largest barrier reef.  

2. Individual Cays and settlements throughout the Sea Of Abaco to visit, each offering a different experience and flavor of the Bahamas. The quaint homes from the Loyalist period and rich history of these islands abound. It is generational and you will meet the original descendants on each and every Cay. The people of the Bahamas are friendly, helpful and love to share their stories with you and heritage.

3. We offer a unique concept of “Captained by Day, Bareboat by Night” ® program which allows the Captain/Instructor to sail and instruct, stopping to snorkel a reef or visit a settlement and each night in a different location moored, anchored or docked, guest preference, leaving guests with privacy of the vessel to themselves. They have a dinghy with outboard to go ashore to a restaurant, beach comb, or explore on their own and next day one of our chase boats delivers Captain back to vessel and off they go to another day of adventure and a different spot each night. Great way to get that “bareboat feel”.

Three things to see while visiting the Bahamas?

1. Elbow Cay Reef Lighthouse on Elbow Cay in Hopetown is the only oil burning lighthouse left in the world with a keeper that lives on property with his family and every night you can see him light the wick and the fresnel lens begin turning. It is truly a sight and experience not to be missed.

2. Snorkeling underwater protected sea parks , Sandy Cay, Fowl Cay are just a few on the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world alive with sea life.

3. Secluded untouched beaches that stretch for miles to walk on and beautiful historical Loyalist settlements thru out the Cays with beautiful architecture.

Best time to visit/sail the Bahamas?

Bahamas boasts one of the longest sailing seasons with great winds and weather from November thru July. 

What kind of sailing community is there in the Bahamas?

The sailing community consists of generational boat builders that built the smack boats that carried supplies and mail for years. There is a rich sailing history dating back to the 1800’s. They build all kinds of sailing boats as well as classic runabouts for the area. There are yacht club regattas that everyone enjoys both charterers, cruisers and local alike. Every year there is an influx of cruisers who call Abaco their winter home and many have bought and built homes and have become full-time residents.

Is it a good spot for first-time cruisers or is it more for experienced sailors?

It’s a great spot for first time cruisers and not intimidating at all. Once they achieve their ASA certification, many of our guests return year after year and bareboat with us or continue with their ASA courses. The extended cruising range we offer is challenging and exciting even to the most experienced sailor.