2020 ASA Turkey Flotilla in the Mediterranean

Is An ASA Flotilla Right For You?

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You have earned your ASA Sailing certifications, you daysail regularly and now you want to reach the next level in your sailing experience. The flotilla may be the next logical step.

ASA is organizing flotillas with its ASA affiliates to encourage ASA members to participate in flotillas that give them more chances to get out on the water with other sailors and to work on their sailing skills in the company of other ASA sailors

From weekend events to weeklong charters, ASA flotillas will enable more sailors to come together as a sailing community.  

Why an ASA Flotilla?

  • Flotilla sailing is a great way to take away the intimidation factor of chartering in unfamiliar waters.
  • Enjoy the freedom of skippering your own boat but have comfort in knowing that support and advice are on hand to help with navigation and local weather.
  • Meet other ASA members that share your passion for sailing.
  • Learn from other experienced sailors in a welcoming environment.
  • Visit new sailing destinations with a local expert.
  • Share the cost of a boat among all aboard.

What is a flotilla?

A flotilla is a group of charter boats that travel a shared itinerary. A flotilla is led by an expert on the local waters who guides the other captains and their crews every step of the way. Often the captain of each boat is at liberty to follow the itinerary as closely or loosely as they desire, meaning you can spend an extra day in a favorite port, find a secluded beach for some impromptu swimming, or stick with the group.

What to Expect on an ASA Flotilla

It is essential to understand that a flotilla will still give you the independence of a bareboat charter with a “safety net” of support and camaraderie. You choose how much you get involved with the larger group. You may choose to have dinner with the group but retire early for cocktails on your own. Your leader may organize a trip on land and you may choose to bask in the sun on the deck of your vessel. ASA flotillas give you options that a typical bareboat charter may not have.

  • A daily briefing gives you an eye on what you can expect.
  • Anchorages and itineraries are set by the group with independence factored into the mix.
  • Your guide will typically suggest local sights to experience.
  • The lead boat usually helps with securing moorings and helping at anchorages.
  • Dinner plans onshore are assisted by a local expert.
  • Social events among all sailors participating in the flotilla.
Tuscany Flotilla 2019

Support on an ASA Flotilla

An ASA Flotilla is designed to give the ASA Member all the support they need. The sailor chooses how much interaction they desire. When in a group of other sailors, the group is willing to help and lend advice or support.

The crew is arranged by the ASA School that is organizing the flotilla. The boats are secured by the organizer. Provisioning is done for you. Reservations are taken care of. As an ASA Member on an ASA Flotilla, you sail and enjoy the trip without the anxiety of being alone because the ASA Sailing community is right there with you.

See our flotilla page and be on the lookout for other ASA Flotilla news. 

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