ASA Flotilla in Turkey with Med Sailing Adventures and Sea Safaris Sailing School

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Capt. Jean and “Admiral” Mila De Keyser host flotillas in all of the bucket list locations and fly the ASA flag proudly. ASA Members boast about how wonderful th experience is being able to sail with a group of boats and with knowledgeable guides. The flotilla is a way for sailors to meet other people, to enjoy foreign ports with the security of having other boats around and to enhance the social aspect of sailing. 

Each year, hundreds of ASA members participate in flotilla events around the globe.  Take a look at our flotilla page and join other sailors as you explore your sense of adventure.

Being an ASA Member is part of being a community and flotillas are one of the best ways to get to know other sailors. You might find lifelong travel companions on an ASA Flotilla.

Hear what their passengers are saying about Med Sailing Adventures Flotillas:

Just wanted to say the trip with John and Mila and the group on the boat was hands down one of the most awesome experiences including having plenty of wind every day.  Turkey in June has the best weather in mid 60s at night to mid 70s during the days. So glad to share this experience with everyone. Headed to Sardinia in July but going to be hard to beat this trip. 

– Capt. Patrick Casey, The Captain School

I just want to tell you that my recent trip to Turkey with the DeKeyser’s was amazing. Their hospitality and good spirits every day was a joy. Easy to get along with very considerate. I would like to comment through the boat had a lot of things to be desired.. and one never knows these things until you’re actually On board.. They made sure I was able to make a connection to them the next day because I missed the connection at Fethiye… hoping to do that again next year either Croatia or the Seychelle Islands… Happy sailing

– Julie Keehma

Take a look at some highlights of the Turkey Flotilla with Med Sailing Adventures

The first-ever ASA-sanctioned trip to Turkey is now for the history books and it was a real success! It was a fun sailing trip with a wonderful and fun crew. We were impressed by the beauty of the country, by its friendly and hospitable people, and by the rich history and a culture that straddles the East and the West.

Med Sailing Adventures will return to Turkey in 2022. May 28 – June 4, 2022 you can participate in a 3 boat flotilla in Turkey.

Take a look at our flotilla page

Med Mooring in Kapi Creek

Observations From Turkey

“Wednesday midpoint of our trip. Let us make the most of our sailing as we only have two days left after this.  Fortunately, the Gulf of Fethiye is close to 70 square miles and counts hundreds of small bays, coves, inlets, and islands to make it the perfect sailing playground.  We left Wall Creek for another day of spirited sailing with plenty of tacking and jibing and docked for the night at the restaurant in Sarsala Creek.  It was not as luxurious as the previous place but the view from the hill above the restaurant made up for it.  Spectacular…

Turkish Guests Onboard

“A local cat climbed on board in the hope of getting some food scraps.  Needless-to-say, after such a great dinner, we spent a blissful night.”


“Sailing in Turkey’s Gulf of Fethiye is quite different from sailing in Spain, Italy or Croatia, our other playing grounds.

There are only two cities on the Gulf where sailors can provision, Fethiye and Göcek. A Migros supermarket boat will deliver groceries and local merchants offer fresh vegetables, fruits and even fish.”


“Marinas and restaurants will offer you the possibility of docking your boat using mooring lines that run to mooring blocks at the bottom of the water but if you need to anchor outside of these facilities, you will have to drop your anchor, back up and bring stern lines to the shore to secure your yacht. Because this practice of attaching stern lines to trees causes quite a bit of damage, the local authorities are installing small bollards along the most popular shorelines.

As we have learned from experience, with this anchoring maneuver, there is always the risk of snagging someone else’s anchor and you are either the show or you are watching another unfortunate sailor’s show.”

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