Can We Charter This Summer?

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You can taste summer in the air and the idea of a long-deserved vacation is in the back of your mind. So, assuming it is safe to travel, have you begun to figure out where you will go?

Wait, is it safe to travel this summer? 

Can we charter a boat this summer?

Where do we find out this information?

Yes, first things first. Let’s figure out if we can safely go sailing in places other than where we currently reside.  

Things You Must Accept:

  • You will need to get tested before you arrive at any international destination.
  • You will need to wear a mask in public places.
  • You will need to practice social distancing measures.
  • You will most likely need a negative test to return to the USA.

Yes, even if you have received the vaccine it is possible that certain restrictions will apply to you. Remember, not everyone has received the vaccine.

Where You Can Sail:

Understand that this guidance is changing on a daily basis and that you should seek out the most up-to-date information before you plan a trip. For example, as I write this, the British Virgin Islands is considering not requiring a negative COVID-19 test for those that are vaccinated. That is still pending.

BVI Latest Travel Info 

Personally, I am champing at the bit to find a spot on Jost Van Dyke and have far too many Painkillers.  Ferry service has begun from the USVI and protocols are changing on a daily basis. It appears that by summer if the situation continues on the current trajectory, you should be able to charter in the BVI with ease and minimal restrictions.  BVI cases are low to non-existent and their population is being vaccinated at a regular clip.

Croatia  Latest Travel Info

Croatia has been welcoming sailors for some time now and has policies in effect to control the spread of the virus. With that said, as of this writing, you will need a test or proof of a vaccine.  The Croatian government is planning for a wide-open summer season and has already approved outdoor dining. Again, as the situation improves the regulations are being modified.

Greece Latest Travel Info

Greece is planning to open for tourism by mid May 2021 according to the travel minister. Greece will require proof of vaccine and is said to be favoring a version of a “Vaccine Passport.”  Understanding that currently a negative Covid test is required to enter Greece and the border will not open before mid-May 2021.

Bahamas Latest Travel Info

The name of the game in the Bahamas is to get vaccinated. The Bahamas welcomes you without testing requirements if you have proof of a Covid-19 vaccine.  You will, however, have to get COVID health insurance regardless of your vaccination status. You will also need a travel Visa.

Mexico Latest Travel Info

The pandemic as of this writing is still out of control in Mexico but there are no restrictions for US Travelers.  

St. Martin Latest Travel Info

St. Martin is open but there are restrictions and you will need an antigen test 48 hours prior to arrival.  Conditions are everchanging and restrictions may be lifted by the time you decide to travel. Travel to St. Bart is currently not allowed for US visitors. 

Grenadines Latest Travel Info

Vaccinated visitors from the US must quarantine for 48 hours and have a negative Covid-19 test. Visitors must also pre-pay for Covid-19 tests while on the island. 

Take a look at Travel Weekly’s Caribbean Travel List for more info

U.S. Destinations

Hawaii Latest Travel Info

Yes, you can travel to Hawaii but you will have to have a negative Covid-19 test before arrival. Failure to provide a negative test will require a 10-day quarantine.  Intercounty travel is also limited and you should check your specific destination for details. Not all Hawaiian counties are requiring the same documentation.

Other US Destinations

Here is the tricky part of travel within the US. As vaccine rates rise mask mandates have been lifted in a number of destinations. However, local requirements do not always align with federal mandates. It is best to get specific details for the destination you choose. Also, while mask mandates may be lifted individual businesses may still require masks.

Most travel to US destinations is not restricted however there are still some capacity restrictions and mask restrictions in place throughout the country.

Can You Charter a Bareboat This Summer?

The simple answer is yes. You must be flexible and realize that the entire planet is trying to come out of the tailspin that is the Covid-19 pandemic. It is important to understand that just because you may have an opinion on vaccines, masks or social distancing, regulations and requirements in foreign destinations will apply to you regardless of your opinion. In the US, private businesses may still require social distancing and mask-wearing.

Get out on the water. Once you are sailing you’ll be happy we have turned the corner on this chapter in the history of the world.

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