Product Review: Gill Marine Footwear

By: Equipment, Partners, Product Review

I don’t look good in boots.  It’s a fact that boots on me look ridiculous and that is mainly because I sail in shorts year round.  With that said when Gill Marine sent over some of their gear for me to test out I wondered if I would be willing to alter my appearance for a product review.

Of course I would, I’m a professional, so I still attempted to walk around in the boots for feel, comfort and general idea of what you could expect while wearing shorts.  You can imagine the looks I got on the docks.

I should start by saying that eventually, I put on the Gill Marine Coastal Trousers, and these boots pair well with this foul weather gear.  The Coastal Trousers features their XPEL fabric technology that guarantees you will stay dry along with fully taped seams and the fit that keeps you comfortable, dry, and looking quite dashing!

These Gill Marine Boots and Deck Shoes were tested while sailing, at the dock, and while performing a few other activities such as washing down the deck, cleaning my neighbors pool and a 3 mile run. (Explanation to follow)  There was some horseplay with a water hose and one of my family members took the waterproof testing to an extreme level.  Have you ever been told to not run on a wet, slippery surface? Well, we did that too.     

The Gill Marine Footwear

Before I begin to describe these products it is important to note that the Offshore Boot and the Tall Yachting Boot kept my feet dry under intense pressure to get them to fail. They saw water action in various forms that would replicate any extremely wet sail day short of going overboard.

Gill Marine provided a pair of Waterproof Boat Socks to use while testing the boots.  I cannot stress enough how much you will need these socks for comfort when utilizing sailing boots.  You should know that these socks are so comfortable that you will be wearing them around the house, in bed and when you are on the hook and simply calling it a day. The socks are waterproof and their long length make them ideal for boots.

Gill Marine Offshore Boot

Photo by Simone Staff


  • External Gaitor for added waterproof protection
  • Non-slip, non-marking soles for extraordinary grip
  • Neoprene inner thermal lining
  • Reinforced heel, toe and in step that lends plenty of support with quick movements

If there is one thing that may have been an issue with the Gill Marine Offshore Boot is the thermal lining as these boots were warm. I was testing them on a day that hovered at 68 degrees and I was wearing the long socks. I also felt the need to run around like a madman trying to test the non-skid ability of these boots. On the deck, these boots hold firm and provide good support when planting and making lateral movements. The gaitor fits snugly around my calf and it has a drawstring to tighten or loosen the fit.  I utilized these for a very wet job of cleaning a pool and they kept my feet warm even as water was being sprayed at me. Wearing these boots without socks initially felt comfortable but eventually led to a swampy boot. Again, they will keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Tall Yachting Boot


  • Non-slip, non-marking soles for extraordinary grip
  • 100% natural rubber compound
  • Padded Tie Top
  • Removable inner soles that work well with personal orthotics

This is a no-nonsense boot that will keep you dry while working on deck or on the dock.  Paired with long socks the Tall Yachting Boot will also keep your feet warm.  The padded top keeps them comfortable when performing tasks that require bending, squatting, or twisting. The soles of these boots are non-skid and they hold well on most any deck.  I attempted a skid on slick cement and they held. If you get sprayed with water the drawstring has to be pulled in tight or you will get moist.  They are not as breathable so paired with the coastal trouser these boots are up to the task of keeping you dry.  These boots are also very good for wet jobs on the dock when you just want your feet to stay dry. Oh, they don’t look that bad if you are wearing shorts. Go ahead, try it.

Mawgan Trainer


  • Non-slip, non-marking slip resistant shoe
  • Comfortable removable Air-cell insoles
  • Water expulsion channels for use in wet conditions

The Mawgan Trainers are comfortable, versatile, and perform incredibly well when wet. They dry quickly and your feet are stable even when entirely soaked. These shoes feel like running shoes that are meant for the deck of a performance sailboat.  They hold well on wet decks and they give you ample support when making lateral movements on deck.  I ran three miles with these shoes with no socks on. I expected blisters but instead was shocked at how comfortable they were. Don’t get me wrong, they are not designed for running but they are designed to help you move around the deck in wet conditions. I dunked them in the ocean and went about my business. This is the sneaker that boat lovers have always wanted. I am wearing them right now!