The Best Spots To Travel To Learn To Sail

By: Charter, Learn To Sail

Are you itching to travel? We all are, but we can be patient. When this mess we are in is over, we will be back on the water in exotic locales. Let’s start planning where we will go to work on our sailing skills and satisfy our cravings for sailing.

No matter where you are in the world, the climate is different for sailing during this pandemic. You may be able to experience sailing as you always have, or under strict COVID-19 regulations. Whatever the case may be, this will soon be over, and you will be able to plan the excellent sailing getaway of your dreams. We want to give you a few ideas to help you plan your next sailing vacation. While you are at you should work on your sailing skills and earn a few ASA sailing certifications.

Where Will You Sail Once It Is Safe To Travel?

Cruise Abaco in the Bahamas

Abaco’s protected sea and it’s many outlying Cays, create perfect conditions for adventurous and leisurely sailing, offering a perfect playground for sailors to get their feet wet while learning. Under an hour flight form south Florida, Abaco, Bahamas, is truly an island dream location within close reach.

Explore Grenada and the Grenadines with LTD Sailing

Live your Caribbean sailing dreams at LTD Sailing in Grenada and the Grenadines! They offer ASA (American Sailing Association)  certified courses, skippered yacht charters, bareboat charter brokerage, and yacht broker services. They also specialize in “Cruise and Learn” vacations and private customized courses. Our skippered charter service provides you with a modern charter yacht and professional licensed captains who can guide you through the amazing cruising grounds of the Grenadines.

Sail Florida with Windward Sailing

Located in the seaport Village of Ferdinand Beach on Amelia Island Windward Sailing offers ASA courses as well as charters. Choose from a couple of fo hours aboard a chartered catamaran on a fun sail or multi-day certification courses. Sail around Amelia Island and take in the beauty of North Eastern Florida.

Visit the Bay Area in San Francisco with Spinnaker Sailing

Sailing in San Francisco is challenging, exhilarating and a must for any sailors bucket list. Spinnaker sailing offers ASA certification courses, bareboat charters, and skippered charters in San Francisco Bay. Sail in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge and explore this fascinating city when ashore. Need a reason to sail San Francisco? Read all about Sailing San Francisco.  

Cruise Croatia with Adriatic Sailing

Croatia is a sailing destination that is on many bucket lists and rightly so with its miles of coastlines and deep history. This part of the Mediterranean is home to over a thousand islands for exploring and rich from a collision of cultures. Nestled in the North Adriatic Sea, Adriatic Sailing Academy offers Charters and Sailing Instruction. Adriatic Sailing offers charters and ASA certified instruction.

Set Sail on the Great Lakes

At over 95,000 square miles, The Great Lakes make up the largest body of freshwater on the planet. Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Lake Michigan comprise over 10,000 miles of seashore and include over 34,000 islands.  These interconnected bodies of water are a haven for water enthusiasts and a haven for boaters. Sailors find an assortment of anchorages and itineraries available for even the most experienced of cruisers. The American Sailing Association has over 20 schools and affiliates operating in the Great Lakes Region that offer sailing courses, charters and sailing clubs.

Dream About French Polynesia with Sailing Virgins

Sailing Virgins is the only sailing school that caters solely to adventurous people in their 20s and 30s, making for not just a great sailing experience but a very social one at that. Sailing Virgins’ Island Adventures combine sailing instruction with a full-on adventure. You can sail with Sailing Virgins in the BVI as well as Tahiti and Croatia.