Ten Sailing Quizzes to Keep You Busy

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You have some time on your hands and you have not been able to sail for a bit.  We understand that, as you stay home and stay safe why not engage your sailing mind and take a quiz. These are the doldrums of the COVID-19 crisis so pass the time with some ASA sailing quizzes.

Take a few sailing quizzes to help quench your thirst for sailing.

The Charter Quiz

You have taken ASA101, ASA 103 and ASA 104 and you are ready to bareboat charter!  Do you know all of the information? Challenge yourself with The Charter Quiz and then start planning a sailing vacation.

The Tattoo Quiz

You might not be a fan of ink on your skin but sailors have long been known for their descriptive tattoos. Symbolism or superstition? Do you know what these descriptive body art pieces mean? Maybe you should.

The Ocean Quiz

How well do you know the body of water that you sail upon? The details of what resides both above and below the water are endless. The numbers surrounding what we dump in the ocean are staggering. Take the quiz and see for yourself.

Types Of Boats Quiz

When you are out on the water do you often take a look at a boat and have no idea what it is? Or, are you the sailor who has so much sailing knowledge you notice a reverse transom and immediately can explain the model of the sailboat. Either way, challenge yourself to a boat quiz and see how well your knowledge stacks up.

Sail Trim Quiz

The elusive nature of the relationship between the wind and your sails is described as sail trim. For some it is the process by which as much power is harnessed by the wind for others it is knowing full well that sitting back and watching the telltales illustrate your desire to cruise instead of race. Do you trim? Take the quiz.

What is it Quiz

Mushroom Anchor

You’ve seen it. You’ve used it. So what is it? How often have you seen something on a boat or recognized a piece of equipment and not had a name for it? Take this quiz and find out if you know, “What is it?”

Navigation Quiz

You need to get from point A to Point B so how do you do it. Do you use a GPS? A chart? Your eyes? How much do you know about navigation? This quiz will test your knowledge.

Cruising Catamaran Quiz

The catamaran is a different category of sailing that has both proponents and detractors in droves.  Do you know your way around a catamaran?  Take the quiz and find out how well versed you are in Cat-speak.

Responding to an Emergency

Responding To An Emergency Quiz

How we respond during difficult times is often the difference between a scary situation and a tragic event. Test your knowledge of situational decision making with this sailing emergency quiz.

Plastic Pollution Quiz

One of the major issues facing all sailors is the health of the oceans we sail upon. Plastic is an environmental disaster as it floats in every waterway we utilize. This quiz is a test of the numbers and it is staggering.