Learn To Sail Vacations with Nautilus Sailing & Dream Yacht Charter

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A sailing vacation can be looked upon as a bucket list adventure or a once in a lifetime experience.  ASA is the world’s largest sailing education association and was in part conceived to educate and prepare sailors to skipper a bareboat safely and confidently.  Since its inception in 1983, ASA has taught almost 550,000 people how to sail and has issued over one million certifications for various higher levels of sailing proficiency.  ASA’s goal has always been to get more people out on the water. 

The American Sailing Association is very proud that Dream Yacht Charters, the world’s largest charter company, has chosen ASA affiliate, Nautilus Sailing, as its official sailing school partner, allowing sailors to obtain their ASA sailing certifications in over 60 exotic destinations.  

Dream Yacht Charter and Nautilus Sailing

Dream Yacht Charter has partnered with ASA School Nautilus Sailing to offer “Learn To Sail” vacations in each of their 64+ worldwide locations. Tim Geisler, lead Instructor of Nautilus Sailing, says: “We are incredibly excited to be named Dream Yacht Charter’s official American Sailing Association school. In the last 5 years, we have worked together to offer award-winning, live-aboard sailing courses with their fleet in the Grenadines, Palma, Mexico, and Tahiti. This new partnership has a huge amount of potential as we pave the way for many to embark on their sailing adventures.”

This is a luxury package where every aspect of the charter and instruction is taken care of by Nautilus Sailing and Dream Yacht Charters. Customers will be off on a “Learn To Sail Vacation” at the destination of their choice. All the while, they are earning their ASA certifications and getting valuable experience that will allow them to soon be on a bareboat charter anywhere they choose.

Who Is Dream Yacht Charter?

Loïc Bonnet created Dream Yacht Charter in the Seychelles Islands in 2001 with six boats. Thanks to its dynamic leadership, the company developed, then expanded through the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean, Australia, the Pacific and, more recently, in North America and the Bahamas. Dream Yacht Charter has more than 1000 boats in over 50 destinations today all around the world and is a world leader trademark in the yacht charter industry. Dream Yacht Charter is also the world leader of ‘By the Cabin’ cruises on catamarans offered in destinations worldwide.

“ASA represents the largest and most trusted network of sailing schools in the world and Dream Yacht Charter is the largest charter company in the world, which makes our affiliation ideal in opening the world of sailing to everyone,” says Loïc Bonnet, founder of Dream Yacht Charter.

Dream Yacht Charter offers discounts on Charter Sailing Vacations to current ASA Members through the Dream Yacht Charter website: https://www.dreamyachtcharter.com/american-sailing-association/

Dream Yacht Charter Destinations

Dream Yacht Charter has over 64 destinations and over 1250 boats in their network. Destinations in Scandinavia, such as Norway and Stockholm, in the Indian Ocean in the Maldives, Seychelles, and Madagascar, as well as Sri Lanka and Australia, allow for ASA members to expand their sailing reach. 

Potential sailing students now have the option to combine their desire for a sailing education with once-in-a lifetime trips to exotic destinations and bucket list locations. ASA Instructors from Nautilus Sailing School will provide the sailing education and Dream Yacht Charter will provide the boats.

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