Holiday Gift Guide For Sailors

The ASA Holiday Gift Giving Guide For Sailors

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If the special person in your life has an affinity for the ocean, is an avid sailor or has just expressed an interest in sailboats, let this be your guide to giving the gift of sailing this holiday season.

Our goal is pretty simple at ASA. We want to help you find the perfect gift for the sailor in your life. Below are our picks.

While you are at it; buy yourself something nice, too.

Gift An ASA Membership

By giving the gift of an ASA Membership you are granting the recipient access to a world of sailing educational tools & resources for sailors of all levels. Funds from ASA Memberships also contribute to overcoming problems, such as plastic pollution, that plague our oceans, lakes, & rivers. Plus ASA Members get to enjoy a wide range of benefits that include discounts on ASA Education Video Series, ASA Webinars, Dream Yacht Charters, Sailing Magazine subscriptions, Cruising World Magazine subscriptions, Boat Insurance, Weems & Plath products, West Marine products, and more…

The Giving Season

ASA is donating 40% of new membership sales to Feeding America for the month of December 2020. Feeding America is able to produce 10 meals for every $1 that they raise. This means every ASA membership purchased will create 200 meals for communities around the United States. Now is the time to buy an ASA membership for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Feeding America’s mission is to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger.
  • Feeding America is the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization.
  • Through a network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs, Feeding America provides meals to more than 40 million people each year.
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Give the Gift of Sailing: ASA 101

Give the ultimate gift of taking ASA 101. Your gift recipient will learn to sail a sloop-rigged keelboat of approximately 20 – 27 feet in length over the course of a couple of days. When all is said and done the new sailor will be certified to take you out on the water by day in light to moderate winds and sea conditions. Purchase a Gift Certificate for an ASA Sailing Course and Find a Sailing School.
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Marine Weather University Fundamentals Course

MWU’s Fundamentals Course is comprised of eight classes – thoughtfully designed to raise your weather iQ in a sequential process that combines insightful instruction and world-class content. Every boater understands the importance of weather – now is your chance to make the commitment to take your weather knowledge to the next level with the help of best in the business.


Simply apply the secret member-only discount code at checkout. Buy before December 23, 2020 Members can find the secret member-only discount code in the ASA Members Portal. Not a member? Then join ASA today!

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A Great Book is Better Than A Good Movie

The collection of ASA textbooks offers a sailing education supplement that will be worth referencing for years. Sailing Made Easy, which Sailing Magazine called “best in class” upon its release in 2010, is the most comprehensive education and boating safety learn-to-sail guide to date. Coastal Cruising Made Easy is not only the official textbook for the ASA Basic Coastal Cruising Standard (ASA 103), but also the definitive go-to resource for all sailors who enjoy cruising and destination-oriented sailing. Bareboat Cruising Made Easy is not only the official textbook for the ASA Bareboat Cruising Standard (ASA 104), but also is an all-in-one reference book that includes everything a cruising sailor needs to know, from general planning to technical guidance to sailing advice. Cruising Catamarans Made Easy is the premier sailing textbook to focus exclusively on how to operate a cruising catamaran. This textbook highlights the unique art of sailing a larger catamaran with its distinctive characteristics and operating systems.
Get the best deal by buying our ASA Textbook Bundles! Must be ordered by December 15 in order to arrive by Christmas.
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Work On Your Sailing Skills From The Comfort Of Your Couch

Sailing Challenge Desktop
There are plenty of games that you can load on your mobile devices but there is only one where you can work on your sailing skills and compete for a time against an America’s Cup champion. While you sail on your mobile device you become familiar with points of sail, work on trimming your sails, learn about right of way as well as gain some valuable confidence to test out on the water. You can download the app on your mobile device or your desktop computer.
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Lani Shades

Lani Shades wood sunglasses are designed by ASA sailing instructor Greg Martin of Sail Hawaii to be the perfect sunglasses for looking at the bright Hawaiian sunlit ocean. Lani Shades feature the highest quality scratch-resistant UV400 polarized lenses in beautifully handmade wood frames with durable stainless steel spring hinges for comfort and fit. Each purchase of Lani Shades plants one tree through and gives a dollar to help clean beaches with Surfrider Foundation. Each pair comes in a sturdy bamboo tube case, pouch and microfiber cloth.


Simply apply the secret member-only discount code at checkout. Members can find the secret member-only discount code in the ASA Members Portal. Not a member? Then join ASA today!

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Sailing Apparel Makes You a Better Sailor, Right?

Holiday Gift Guide For Sailors - Apparel
What better way to celebrate the new sailor than with a commemorative ASA 101 shirt. Let everyone know that you didn’t just talk about wanting to learn to sail, you are a sailor!
You want the sailor in your life to look good while sailing, don’t you? The ASA Waterproof Soft Shell Jacket will keep them warm and help their fashion sense. Heading out on the water means you might need some protection from the elements. This jacket is not only great for layering when you need more protection but it also is a fashionable stand-alone jacket once you leave the water and head out on the town. Find this and lots more great ASA Sailing Apparel that would make a great gift at the ASA Store. Order by December 15 for arrival by Christmas.
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Sail Gear 101: Sailors Grab Bag

ASA Grab Bags
Grab a bag and go sailing with the essentials all in one spot. The Sailors Grab Bag includes a sailing cap, a 50+UPF long sleeve shirt, sailing gloves and a bag to keep your gear in. The Premium Sailors Grab Bag includes a wicking sailing cap, UPF 50+ wicking sailing shirt, waterproof soft-shell jacket, sailing gloves and the perfect bag to store everything to and from the boat.
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ASA Water Bottle

The ASA Water Bottle is a classic aluminum reusable 24oz water bottle. It’s perfect for your adventures on the water. It’s light weight with a threaded lid, a carabiner, and a key ring. And of course it also features American Sailing Association logo!
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The Ultimate Sailing Calendar

Ultimate Sailing Calendar
The 2021 Ultimate Sailing Calendar. Going into our 39th year we are delighted with this year’s selected images for 2021 and trust you will be too. Twelve months of breathtaking images from the world of yacht racing are showcased in a generous 18 by 24-inch format that has made the Ultimate Sailing Calendar a perennial favorite of sailors and anyone passionate about the sea. Expertly printed on durable high-quality Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, with environmentally friendly linseed and soya oil-based ink – it’s friendly to Mother Nature while looking good all year long.
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The Ultimate Sailing Jigsaw Puzzle

Ultimate Sailing puzzle
This colorful and challenging jigsaw puzzle features a fleet of sailboats parading down San Francisco Bay during the Big Boat Series hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club. From the Sharon Green-Ultimate Sailing Collection 1988.
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Bareboat Charter from Dream Yacht Charter

Polish up your sailing skills and get ready for a sailing vacation dictated entirely by you. ASA members get discounts on charters through Dream Yacht Charters. Use the link to get a discount on a bareboat charter in over 60 international locations and choose from more than 1200 boats.
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Peter Isler’s Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets

Little Book of Sailing Secrets
Peter Isler’s Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets has been specially autographed by the author for ASA, makes an excellent gift and a valuable collectible edition for every sailing enthusiast. Peter Isler, two-time America’s Cup winner, has sailed in and won hundreds of races over the last forty years. In that time, he has acquired a vast array of knowledge about sailing techniques and tactics, not to mention a boatload or two of entertaining stories along the way.
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Beyond Gruel by Bob Witty

“It was a mixture of curiosity of cooking in a sailboat galley and an observed need that got my creative juices flowing. When we prepared for ASA 104 provisioning, the discussion began as packaged food and eating breakfast and dinner at a restaurant while in port. I wanted no part of that, I wanted to seize the opportunity to cook in the galley, while in motion and while in port. I wanted to try baking bread using the airborne yeast that the west coast is famous for. And I knew I could fulfill another life long dream of writing a book with all of these experiences.” – Bob Witty on why he wrote a book chock full of recipes and tips for cooking on board.