How Much Does It Cost to Learn to Sail?

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Frankly, there is no way to value the cost of sailing lessons, instead, the best way to consider what you want from a sailing school and how much you will pay is to consider just how much you will get from the school you plan on attending.

The needs of the experienced sailor who owns his or her own boat are far different than the beginner who will need far more instruction.

While price is a factor, what comes in the package is more important. For example, if you consider the time spent on the water versus the time spent in a classroom you might find that paying a little extra will make you a better sailor. You might have a time crunch and need to finish your certification course faster so 2 days is better than 4 days. Each school sets up different parameters for how they get you out on the water safely and well informed. It’s up to you to find the school that best fits your needs.

So how much does it cost to learn how to sail? Take a look at these six examples of what you get for the price of taking ASA 101. The courses all differ slightly but they all get you to the same certification.

The American Sailing Association does not set a price for sailing lessons. The price is dictated by the individual school as they are responsible for following a set curriculum and meeting the standards set forth by ASA. All prices shown on this page are subject to change and should be confirmed with individual schools. These prices are listed as examples.

ASA Certified Sailing School - Black Rock Sailing School, RI
The Price: $977
$899 per person, plus an ASA textbook package (Sailing Made Easy & ASA Logbook) and materials for $29.95, and a required one-time ASA processing fee of $39.00.
Note: Sales tax on books is required, and a $10 shipping fee will be charged for all book packages.

What’s Included: 24 hours of instruction over 3 days

How Many Days: 3 days

How Many Students: 3 students maximum

The Perks: World-class instruction from the only school in New England to consistently receive national recognition from the American Sailing Association. Up to 20% off a Black Rock Sailing Annual Club Membership to practice what you have learned. Learn aboard boats that are young, safe, comfortable and simply the best learning platforms available. Get 10% off two courses and an additional week of practice aboard Harbor 20s if you do a 101/103 combo week. Stay ashore or liveaboard a larger cruising yacht at the docks each night during your classes. Minimum of two people to run classes.

The Price: $750
Includes the textbook, ASA testing fees, and a logbook.

What’s Included: 3 consecutive days, the Basic Sailor Certified covers all materials and skills found in our modular courses; Sailing Fundamentals, Sailing Skills, and Sailing Certification. The certification day fills in any gaps in order to provide you with the complete knowledge and skills to do well on the written and practical tests including advanced nomenclature, sound and light signals, anchoring and mooring.

How Many Days: 3

How Many Students: 3 students maximum

The Perks: In addition to classroom review time, you are provided a practice session with an instructor to help prepare you for the practical exam. Your textbook, Sailing Made Easy, is included in the tuition and will be sent to you upon registration so that you can study before you begin your course. Upon your successful completion of the certification tests, you will receive your ASA logbook to keep track of this and any future certifications.

The Price: $795
Includes textbook, ASA certification, and ASA Membership

What’s Included: 5 hours of shoreside classroom over the 3 days, and 18 hours sailing, plus strategic mid-sail breaks. Supervised practice sails.

How Many Days: 3

How Many Students: 3

The Perks: They will meet any full, 3-day program’s final, out the door price for a learn to sail/ ASA 101 course. “Whenever we can get away with it, we shorten the classroom time and extend the sailing even more.”

The Price: $440 from Jersey City & $490 from Manhattan

What’s Included: Basic Sailing Course. ASA certification is $50 if signed up for in advance and $75 if signed up for on the day of the course.

How Many Days: 2

How Many Students: 4

The Perks: Group discounts. If 2 people sign up using the same registration form, each gets a 5% discount. If 3 sign up, each gets a 10% discount. Four people get a 15% discount! This discount only applies when you sign up using one registration form. Basic Sailing is taught on J/24 sailboats. These are the most popular sailboats in New York Harbor. They are fast and sleek and the water equivalent of a Porsche. By learning to sail on a J/24, you can easily transition to membership in Manhattan Yacht Club and continue sailing on their fleet of boats.

The Price: $796
Textbook and certification are extra

What’s Included: 23 Hours of Instruction, ( only 3 – 4 persons per group class )

How Many Days: 3 to 4 days

How Many Students: 3 – 4

The Perks: One Year Membership in Bluewater’s Bareboat Charter Club. Access to Bareboat Rentals during membership! First Weekday 1/2 Day Rental Free. (within 2 weeks after course)

The Price: $395 Seattle Sailing Club Member. $535 Non-Member price

What’s Included: 3 hours in a classroom; 12 hours on-the-water hands-on instruction.

How Many Days: 2

How Many Students: 4 maximum

The Perks: Members have access to the sailing clubs boats as well as the ability to participate in all club activities.