Happy Independence Day Weekend!

By: American Sailing Association

4th of July weekend typically means large gatherings as we celebrate summer with fireworks and grilling. Sailors will congregate on docks and tell great stories and then sit on the deck waiting for the fireworks display. 

This may not be everybody’s experience this weekend so here are a few ways to fill your coronavirus 4th of July.

Take a Look at Free Content From ASA

Learn something about sailing during the coronavirus pandemic. The American Sailing Association has a series of free videos with tips and instructions to help you work on your sailing education while we wait out the COVID-19 crisis.


Challenge your Friends to a Sailing Race

Download the Sailing Challenge App and race your friends.   Create a leader board and see who is the best sailor in your group.   The new Catamaran Sailing Challange app is also available.

Test Your Sailing Knowledge

Take a sailing quiz and check your knowledge of sail trim, boat types, and sailing tattoos.

How much sailing knowledge do you think you have?


Watch a Sailing Webinar

So much great information about sailing, chartering and sailing personalities.  Inside Sailing with Peter Isler will keep you thinking about sailing if you can’t get out on the water yet.

Take an Online Sailing Course

A few of our sailing schools are offering online and interactive media instruction for ASA courses. If you can’t leave the house, the sailing education does not have to stop. Learn something about navigation, weather and radar while staying safer at home.


Get Inspired!

If all else fails, try these images to help your imagination. Sailing inspiration in the form of beautiful destinations that we will one day be able to visit again.