Interactive Media Classes (Online Learning)

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 crisis has changed all of our lives forever and the sailing world is no different. From closed marinas to social distancing on sailboats, ASA has begun to re-examine what the new normal will look like once we are all allowed to go back to our daily routines. One thing that ASA did learn is that there is a need for online courses in the form of interactive online instruction. While study at home courses were already being utilized by some sailing schools the need for a bonafide online course alternative has been realized and plenty of schools are currently working on models, pilot programs and modern versions of their current class offerings.

If you are looking for a way to gain ASA certification in a few select areas of study, these ASA schools might have what you desire.


The Online Course(s): ASA 105, ASA 107, ASA 117
The Price:

  • ASA 105 Coastal Navigation Standard – online study $275
  • ASA 107 Celestial Navigation Standard – online course $350
  • ASA 117 Basic Celestial Navigation – online study $195

Description: Students can receive assistance either by phone, email, or video conference as need.
Captain David Renoll / Captain Penelope Renoll
R&R Charters and Sail School
On the Eastern Shore
231 Evelyne Street
Chester, MD 21619


The Online Course(s): Knotty Secrets
The Price: $36.85
Description: A 97-minute interactive knot-tying instruction course. Filmed on a sailboat with an actual student, and addresses questions and common mistakes, while showing the knots being used in marine applications. It has 22 chapters, one discussing each knot, so it addresses all the required ASA knots plus more, including how to best tie up a dinghy, pass a line, coil a line, fake out anchor line, etc.
Sail Away Sailing School
Phone: 612-871-8101


The Online Course(s): ASA 105, ASA 107
The Price:

  • Coastal Navigation Home Study (ASA105) $350 for Home Study
  • $435 for Home Study with Lectures DVDs
  • Celestial Navigation Home Study (ASA107) $350

Description: These courses cover all materials and an open book written exam at your home. ASA certification upon successful completion
Maryland School of Sailing
or call 410-639-7030


The Online Course(s): ASA 105
The Price: $300
Description: Home Study Course: Demonstrate the navigational theory required to safely navigate a sailing vessel in coastal or inland waters. Practical application of this sailing knowledge is found in the Advanced Coastal Cruising Standard.
Sail Solomons


The Online Course(s): ASA 105
The Price: $295
Description: This is like a normal in-person class: you’re with an instructor and other students, learning from their questions as well as yours, and with us watching you do your plotting after we show you how. Except… you don’t have to travel to get to it! It’s not a home study course, or interactive with software.
New York Sailing Center


The Online Course(s):

  • Marine Diesel Engines
  • Electronic Navigation
  • Racing Rules of Sailing

The Price: Call School
Description: Interactive seminars are being taught by Margaret Pommert
Seattle Sailing


The Online Course(s): Call the school for info
The Price: Negotiable
Description: Informal personalized sailing instruction via Skype or Zoom.
Bill’s Little Informal Sailboat School


The Online Course(s): ASA 105, ASA 107, ASA 119
The Price: $299
Description: Home study course for ASA 105, 107, 119
Del Marva Sailing School

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