Sailing Local With ASA Outstanding Instructors – Florida

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Local Schools With Outstanding Instructors

When the dust settles on the COVID-19 crisis we will be looking to get back outside and back out on the water. That is when you should be seeking out your local sailing school. Explore the idea of sailing with one of ASA’s Outstanding Instructors.

It’s time to #Saillocal with ASA Outstanding Instructors.

Take a look at some of the highest-rated instructors in the ASA family (Florida):


Chet Shubert
Punta Gorda, Florida
Gulf Coast Sailing & Cruising School

Our diverse, sub-tropical sailing waters are unmatched for training and our ASA instructor ratings are awesome! We achieve that by providing great coaches, access to outstanding training waters, and proper vessels for learning. Our classes are small and we are flexible with training design and itinerary based on your sailing objectives. We work with you to ensure we exceed your expectations. Give us a call to begin planning your sail training!

Philip Brittain
Punta Gorda, Florida
Charlotte Harbor Sailing
Our school is easily located in Punta Gorda, in a beautiful harbor on the Gulf of Mexico. Sailing classes are taught aboard our Catalina 310, no classrooms! To maximize your time at the helm each class is limited in size to a max of 4 pupils.

James Marvin

Saint Petersburg, Florida

David Price

Longboat Key, Florida

Edd Jennings
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Sailing Florida Charters & Sailing School

Cruising into the sunset or across the bay, Sailing Florida is about experiencing the natural beauty of Florida’s West Coast and the exhilaration of boating. Come join us for a bareboat or crewed charter – day or week-long – so you can finally take that family vacation, sneak away for a romantic weekend, hold a special corporate event or team-building adventure.

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Jose Miranda

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Jennifer Wirth

Miami, Florida

Duane Moran

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Arno Von Waltsleben

Long Beach, Washington

Christopher May

Wellington, Florida

Blue Water Sailing School

Sailing Education is All We Do. We are exclusively a sailing school. One hundred percent of our efforts are devoted to sailing education and training. We choose the area sailed to by the composition of the students and the course level. Our beginning and intermediate courses sail to the Florida Keys, while our advanced courses cross the Gulf Stream to the Bahamian island of Bimini.

Randy Mullis

Miami, Florida

Key West Sailing Academy

If you’re seeking an exceptional experience above the average, Key West Sailing Academy is the right choice for you. We offer the discerning client an elegant & exclusive boutique experience immersed in our personalized service, unique style, and outstanding gourmet dining aboard exceptionally comfortable and well-appointed vessels, in one of the most stunning settings in America, Key West.

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Gary Wall

St. Petersburg, Florida

Smarter Sail

SmarterSail is a school that specializes in private sailing lessons for couples, friends and families. Kids of all ages (well, greater than 4 years old) are welcome to come along as crew. The majority of our courses are liveaboard where the instructor departs after the lessons so you can enjoy the beauty and serenity of water life entre nous.

George Norwood

Riverview, Florida

Flagship Sailing School

Year-round sailing instruction that is personal, enjoyable and affordable. Our classes take place aboard sailboats that are responsive, easy to control and matched to your skill level. At Flagship Sailing, you will learn to sail safely and enjoyably without being intimidated in the process.