2019 Outstanding Instructors

By: Instructors

ASA has selected the Outstanding Instructors of the Year for 2019. Of the 2258 ASA Instructors who had active status in 2019, 1123 taught at least one ASA class and thereby became eligible for this award. The top 31 are listed below, representing 26 different locations, across 8 states, and 5 countries. The process by which these instructors were determined was completely objective, derived by the number of student surveys sent (one survey for each class taught), the number of completed surveys submitted, and the average instructor rating across all submitted surveys with 4.00 as the highest possible average rating. Here are the Outstanding top 1% (actually 1.4%) of all Instructors who had active status in 2019:

Lance Botthof
San Diego, California

Yonatan Bresler
Tel Aviv, Israel

Philip Brittain
Punta Gorda, Florida

Sterling Bryson
Charleston, South Carolina

Alexis Christofi
Strovolos, Cyprus

Richard Darmanin
San Diego, California

Michael Dye
Saint George’s, Grenada

Angela Goodwin
Long Beach, California

Robert Hulett
Maple Falls, Washington

 Edd Jennings
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Jon Jones
Houston, Texas

James Kell
Tiburon, California

Chris Lower
Corpus Christi, Texas

James Marvin
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Christopher May
Wellington, Florida

Jose Miranda
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Duane Moran
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Randy Mullis
Miami, Florida

Clint Najera
La Mesa, California

George Norwood
Riverview, Florida

Michael Poole
Seattle, Washington

Robert Portmann
Denver, Colorado

David Price
Longboat Key, Florida

Geza Sinkovics
Los Angeles, California

Paul Sullivan
Haverhill, Massachusetts

Joel Taylor
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Bartholomew Timm
Webster, Texas

Richard Van Loon
Shrewsbury, New Jersey

Arno Von Waltsleben
Long Beach, Washington

Jennifer Wirth
Miami, Florida

Elliot Zimmerman
Los Angeles, California

ASA is extremely proud of its certified instructors who are committed to providing excellence in sailing instruction, and we extend our congratulations to these instructors who have achieved an outstanding commendation for 2019. Very well done, and we thank you. Keep up the great work!

The threshold for this year’s selection was a minimum rating of 3.67 out of 4.00 and a minimum of 41 student survey submissions. The most surveys submitted for one instructor in 2019 was 121. Last year, the minimum rating was 3.67 and a minimum of 24 survey submissions. The most student surveys submitted for one instructor was 97.