2018 Outstanding Instructors

ASA has selected the Outstanding Instructors of the Year for 2018. Of ASA’s legion of Instructors, 1003 were eligible in 2018 and the top 31 are listed below, representing 30 different locations, across 11 states, and 5 countries. The process by which these instructors were determined was completely objective, derived by a formula that weighs the number of student surveys sent, the number of completed surveys submitted, and the average instructor rating across all submitted student surveys with 4.00 as the highest possible average rating.

Francois Asselin
Weymouth, Massachusetts

Andy Berry
San Diego, California

Mark Brown
Anacortes, Washington

Michael Brown
Newtown, Pennsylvania

Alexis Christofi
Strovolos, Cyprus

James Cook
Denver, Colorado

Keith Cooper
Hackensack, New Jersey

Doran Cushing
Austin, Texas

Richard Dawson
Waxahachie, Texas

Michael Dye
Saint George’s, Grenada

Angela Goodwin
Long Beach, California

Debbie Graham
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Lenox Grasso
Marina del Rey, California

Chuck Hashbarger
Los Angeles, California

Michael Hoye
Heath, Texas

Robert Hulett
Maple Falls, Washington

Timothy Jenne
Sequim, Washington

Jon Jones
Houston, Texas

Gregory Martin
Honolulu, Hawaii

James Marvin
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Jose Miranda
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Duane Moran
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Donald Rock
Oceanside, California

Charles Rolling
Brooklyn, New York

James Slater
Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Paul Sullivan
Marblehead, Massachusetts

Al Van Dyke
Cedaridge, Colorado

Richard Van Loon
Shrewsbury, New Jersey

Arno Von Waltsleben
Long Beach, Washington

Robert Williams
Phuket, Thailand

Jennifer Wirth
Miami, Florida

ASA is extremely proud of its certified instructors who are committed to providing excellence in sailing instruction, and we extend our congratulations to the 31 instructors on this list who have achieved an outstanding commendation for 2018. Very well done, and we thank you. Keep up the great work!

In the future, ASA plans to attach the student survey to the electronic version of each ASA examination to increase the yield of respondents to a much higher level. The threshold for this year’s selection was a minimum rating of 3.67 out of 4.00 and a minimum of 24 student survey submissions. The most student surveys submitted for one Instructor was 97. In comparison, in 2017, the minimum rating was 3.67 with a minimum of 15 student survey submissions and the most student surveys submitted for one Instructor was 33.

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Mary Bricker-Jenkins
Mary Bricker-Jenkins

So thrilled to see Jennifer Wirth on this list! Having sailed with her twice, I can attest to her skill as a sailor and an instructor.

brad peek
brad peek

We completed 101 – 114 with Richard Dawson and his wife Gail over the holidays.Being totally subjective, they were outstanding. If the other instructors are of the same quality ASA is doing a great job!!! We’re currently VERY actively researching cats… we can’t wait!! So much to do, so much to keep learning!!

William Jestel
William Jestel

Just got back from the Grenadines after sailing with Mike Dye. Awesome is the first word that comes to mind. Mike has loads of sea experience and installs confidence that I thought I would never have. 25 knots plus winds, no problem with Mike on board, he calmly talks you through it and after a few days we were looking forward to the challenge. I’ve been sailing for years on inland lakes but Mike gave me the skills to safely take my family to more interesting destinations. He is also a great tour guide as he seems to know all… Read more »

lesley hayes
lesley hayes

Thanks Bill

Tracy Spinney
Tracy Spinney

Very proud to be associated with the several instructors from Blue Water Sailing School. Congratulations to all!