Considering a Catamaran Charter? Know The Language

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If you are considering a charter there is a good chance you’ll be thinking about a catamaran for your sailing vacation. While you should pick up ASA’s Cruising Catamarans Made Easy or consider taking ASA 114, Cruising Catamaran, you might want to brush up on the vocabulary that is specific to catamarans.

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These are a few terms that should help your understanding of catamarans and their differences from monohulls.

Multihull: A boat with multiple hulls, either a trimaran or a catamaran.
Catamaran: A boat with two widely spaced hulls of equal size.

Bridgedeck: The deck structure spanning the hulls of a catamaran.

Nacelle: A forward projection of the bridgedeck designed to soften the impact of seas beneath the bridgedeck.

Deckhouse: The cabin on top of a bridgedeck, typically housing the saloon, nav station, and galley.

Bridle: A pair of lines used to spread the load from a central connecting point to two separate points (used when anchored or moored or when towing or being towed).

These are real terms that you might hear when talking about catamarans:

Seagull Striker: A braced strut that projects upward on the forward crossbeam to stiffen it against the upward pull of the forestay.

Not to be confused with the:

Dolphin Striker: A braced strut that projects downward from the cross beam that supports the mast.

Roach: Area at the leech of a sail that extends outside a straight line between the head and clew.

Catwalk: A solid walkway along the centerline between the bridgedeck and the forward crossbeam.

Flybridge: A helm station located on top of the deckhouse.

Tramp (Trampoline): A taut net spanning the space between the bows of a cruising catamaran.

Twin Screw: Two engines and two propellers.

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