What Is It Quiz

What Is It Quiz

“What is it?” we ask. Here is a seven question quiz that will expose you as the genius everyone knows you are or the not-so genius everyone has accepted you as…Either way, have fun!

  • What is the Saloon?
    1. The area of a boat used for dining and lounging.Of course!
    2. The aft deck of a center cockpit boat.Nope, that’s called the “aft deck!”
    3. The part of the boat where the toilet and shower reside.That’s wrong, so please don’t pee in the saloon!
    4. There is no area of a boat called “the saloon”.But there is!
  • Weather helm is:
    1. When a sailboat becomes completely un-steerable in heavy weather situations.Not a bad guess all things considered but no…
    2. The tendency for a boat (when sailing) to head up into the wind.Yes!
    3. A rudder system that is attached by through-bolts made of brass.That is definitely not what weather helm is…
    4. Occurs when weather is so severe hand steering (as opposed to autopilot) is the only option.You’re guessing but at least you picked something kind of logical…
  • What is a “short sheet?”
    1. It’s a type of all-purpose knot that is usually used on jib-sheets.It’s not a knot but if it were, we think you would not know how to tie it!
    2. It’s another name for a storm jib.Nope, it’s a sheet…
    3. It’s the sheet used expressly for storm jibs.You’re getting warmer but that’s not right
    4. It’s a temporary sheet used to relieve the load on a working sheet.Correct! Nice job!
  • What is a Zephyr?
    1. A gentle breeze.Ah yes, that is right.
    2. A strong current.No, guess again!
    3. A passing shower.Incorrect, but now you know what a Zephyr is not!
    4. A morning fog bank.That is wrong, but your next guess will have better odds!
  • What is a stanchion?
    1. An area on a nautical chart that denotes an obstruction.Nope, a stanchion is not on any chart…that’s funny.
    2. An occurrence that involves two sailboats on exactly the same course and tack, traveling at the same speed.Sorry, that’s quite wrong.
    3. A metal post that supports lifelines.You got it! Don’t forget to wash those grimy things!
    4. A removable piece of hardware used to lower the anchor from a bowsprit.Uh, no…don’t feel bad. On second thought maybe feel a little bad. Try again!
  • What is a binnacle?
    1. The stand where the boat’s main compass is mounted.Not an easy one – good job!
    2. A ring shaped piece of hardware used to divest loads.Sounds like the answer for something just not this…
    3. A very small screw that holds the compass needle in place.Haha – no…
    4. A latch that secures lockers and compartments.It does sound like it would do that but that’s not right.
  • What is a hank?
    1. A piece of lightweight cloth used to measure wind speed and direction.Incorrect. Although perhaps you could use a “hanky” for that…
    2. A low friction ring that can sometimes replace the need for blocks.There is such a thing but it is not a hank.
    3. A metal clip or fabric used to attach a sail’s luff to a stay.Bravo!
    4. A fitting that connects hoses, typically in the plumbing system.No, but that’s not an awful guess.
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