ASA's Hurricane Relief Fund

ASA’s Hurricane Relief Fund

By: American Sailing Association

They taught you to sail.
Now they need your help.

They’ve lost their homes, their boats and their livelihood.
Please help us help them get back on their feet.

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ASA schools and instructors from Texas to Florida and the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean have been hit by the two devastating recent hurricanes. Schools have lost their buildings and many or all of their boats. Sailing Instructors, school owners and their employees have lost their homes and their ability to make a living.

To sailors the ocean has always been the ultimate playground with beautiful scenic Islands, trade winds and people. There are thousands of people that rely on the marine industry for their livelihood. All of those sailing schools, charter companies and, mom and pop businesses that made the US coasts and the Caribbean a comfortable friendly place to go have been deeply affected.

We must help our friends and fellow sailors. First we must help them get the necessities; then we need to help them reestablish their businesses so that they can put their lives back together. We set up a relief fund in response to the overwhelming outreach we have received from ASA’s members, instructors and certified sailors who want to help. All donations will help support the employees of our affiliated sailing schools and charter companies and help them rebuild and reopen. We at ASA are heartbroken that our friends and their families in the Gulf and the Caribbean have lost so much.

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