Top 5 Ways You Know You’re a Cruiser Not a Racer

By: Humor

There are many different types of sailor. The two largest groups are surely “The Racer” and the “The Cruiser” and while there is a lot of cross-over there are some clear distinctions that separate the two…

  1. The first mark suddenly became the finish line as you realized the cheese plate would fall off the table if you tacked at that moment.
  1. You shot back at a guy with a gun on a powerboat.
  1. There is something filling a bag that says “spinnaker” in a stencil kind of print somewhere on the boat, but that’s all you know.
  1. Your “crew” consists of your mother, your wife, and your dog and the dog is the only one that pays attention.
  1. On the downwind leg, with the finish line in sight, you couldn’t resist and began barbequing chicken.
Dan Boater