Celebrity Sailor Jeopardy

Celebrity Sailor Jeopardy

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No looking at the internet! Here’s a fun quiz (jeopardy style) to see who are the real celebrities of our sailing world. When the results are in, we’ll let you know who’s who and who’s not who!

  • Answer: A kiwi sailor who has won the America’s Cup five times and a gold medal in the Finn class.
    1. Who is Jimmy Spithill?Wrong, Spithill is an Aussie that won the Cup twice.
    2. Who is Brad Butterworth?Wrong, Brad is a kiwi and he’s won the America’s Cup more than once but he was not an Olympic sailor.
    3. Who is Dean Barker?Wrong, Dean is a famous America’s Cup skipper from New Zealand but doesn’t have a winning record like the correct answer.
    4. Who is Russel Coutts?Correct!
  • Answer: She’s a famous solo sailor who, in 2005, broke the record for the fastest solo circumnavigation of the planet.
    1. Who is Ellen MacArthur?Correct!
    2. Who is Sam Davis?Wrong, Sam is a great solo sailor who has done multiple Vendee Globe races among other achievements.
    3. Who is Dee Caffari?Wrong, Dee is a former Vendee Globe sailor, but does not own that record.
    4. Who is Jessica Watson?Wrong, Jessica is famous for other reasons that don’t relate to speed.

  • Answer: He’s ridiculously rich, an America’s Cup winner and once managed the baseball team he also owned.
    1. Who is Ernesto Bertarelli?Wrong, he is rich but never owned a baseball team. Bertarelli was the money behind the Alinghy AC teams.
    2. Who is Larry Ellison?Wrong, he is a billionaire, an America’s Cup champion and also involved in sports teams, but never managed a baseball team.
    3. Who is Paul Allen?Wrong, Paul Allen owns three sports teams and has a big ol’ yacht but he is not a competitive sailor.
    4. Who is Ted Turner?Correct!
  • Answer: This sailing legend and author has written no less than six cruising guides, over 300 magazine articles and four other sailing books. He’s taught millions lessons using his beloved Iolaire as his muse. 
    1. Who is Larry Pardy?Wrong, cruising couple Lin and Larry Pardy are authors and well known contributors to magazines, but not the right answer here.
    2. Who is Webb Chiles?Wrong, Webb Chiles is an author, some say poet, and an adventurer but is a different kind of dude than the correct answer.
    3. Who is Gary Jobson?Wrong, Jobson is a past America’s Cup winner, an ESPN sailing broadcaster, and an esteemed diplomat of the sport but has never shared his identity with a particular boat.
    4. Who is Don Street?Correct!
  • Answer: She was the youngest to sail solo unassisted around the world
    1. Who is Abby Sunderland?Wrong, Abby could have been the correct answer, but she did not make it all the way around.
    2. Who is Jessica Watson?Correct!
    3. Who is Laura DeckerWrong, Young Dekker employed stops on her famous journey.
    4. Who is Jessie Martin?Wrong, Jessie is a “he” and was once the youngest to sail solo unassisted around the world, but lost his title to this young girl.

  • Answer: He was the first man to perform a single-handed non-stop circumnavigation of the globe.
    1. Who is Robin Knox-Johnston?Correct!
    2. Who is Robert Crowhurst?Wrong, Crowhurst made the attempt but went insane and committed suicide.
    3. Who is Francis Chichester?Wrong, Mr. Chichester was a heralded British skipper who sailed solo around the world making only one stop.
    4. Who is Joshua Slocum?Wrong, Slocum was the first person to sail single-handed around the world, but he did make stops.
  • Answer: A decorated sailor who has been a two time Rolex Yachtsman of the Year, a three time collegiate All American, won the Sydney Hobart Race and been a prominent sailing broadcaster.
    1. Who is Gary Jobson?Wrong, he hosted the Yachtsman of the Year! But seriously, Jobson is a legendary sailor – AC winner, college champ and arguably the most prominent spokesman of the sport.
    2. Who is Tucker Thompson?Wrong, Thompson is more famous for his broadcasting credentials (particularly as the America’s Cup voice) than his sailing resume.
    3. Who is Ken Read?Correct!
    4. Who is Franck Cammas?Wrong, Cammas is a french sailor who skippered Groupama 3 to some very impressive speed records.
  • Answer: He is a past Star Class World Champion, a past Olympian, a past America’s Cup skipper and CEO, 1998’s Rolex Yachtsman of the Year and finished second in the Volvo Ocean Race as skipper of Pirates of the Caribbean

    1. Who is Ian Walker?Wrong, Walker has two Olympic silver medals to his name and is in the America’s Cup world but is not the right answer.
    2. Who is Mike Sanderson?Wrong, Sanderson won the Volvo Ocean race in 2005-06.
    3. Who is Dennis Conner?Wrong, Conner or “Mr. America’s Cup” is a living legend and a great Star class sailor but was not involved in the Volvo Ocean Race.
    4. Who is Paul Cayard?Correct!

  • Answer: This man set the speed record for his solo non-stop sail around the world in 49-days.
    1. Who is Alex Thomson?Thomson has speed records but not this one (yet)!
    2. Who is Francis Joyon?Joyan and Coville have very similar paths and have broken each other’s records, but for now Joyon is not the correct answer.
    3. Who is Thomas Coville?Correct!
    4. Who is Armel Le Cléac’h?Wrong, Le Cléac’h is the skipper backed by Banque Populaire and just recently won the 2017 Vendee Globe solo race around the world.
  • Answer: A two-time winner of the America’s Cup and a founding board member of the American Sailing Association.
    1. Who is Steve Benjamin?Benjamin was an Olympic silver medalist, but not an America’s Cup winner.
    2. Who is Tom Blackaller?Blackaller raced in three separate America’s Cup campaigns, but was not a founding board member of the ASA
    3. Who is Peter Isler?Correct!
    4. Who is Paul Cayard?Cayard twice participated in the Olympic Games and seven times in the America’s Cup but is not on the board of ASA.
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