Grand View Magnifier

Cool Gizmos for Sailors : The Chart Magnifier

By: Equipment

We’re always on the lookout for cool inventive stuff that make the act of sailing a little easier or at the least, more pragmatic. We saw this new magnifying tool and thought it would make a great addition to our Sailing Gizmo series and for you, a handy instrument to throw in the nav desk.

Designed for working with paper charts, this crystal clear handheld acrylic disk provides 6x magnification and has an authentic compass rose (degree markings) inscribed on the bottom. Weem and Plath are the manufacturers and they say the Grand View Magnifier’s optical design has the effect of collecting light from all around and directing it onto the surface. For the older sailor this little baby looks like it could pay great dividends for trying to see what’s going on, especially in low light circumstances.

It’s $90, which seems like quite a bit, although, maybe not. For something that provides a needed function and should last a long long time, what’s a Benjamin in the grand scheme of things?

Available online at Weems & Plath and from various distributors, the Grand View Magnifier is delivered in a felt-lined gift box and weighs 14 oz.