Docking Under Power, Part 1 – Drills

Docking Under Power, Part I – Drills

The American Sailing Association today is releasing Docking Under Power – Drills, another instructional video that is part of the Docking Made Easy educational series. This production, written and narrated by world class sailor Peter Isler, is the first of a multi-chapter series that aims to remove the anxiety of docking a sailboat under power, particularly bigger keelboats. This collection of open water drills makes clear the often misunderstood matter of prop walk and prop wash and assigns real-life, hands-on methods that will significantly aid in becoming a proficient and confident helmsman.

Cruising World / Beneteau America

Cruising World presents “Docking Made Easy” an ASA educational video in association with Beneteau America.

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Henry Papesh
Henry Papesh

This was a terrific video. Not too long and I reinforced my learning from class.

Paul and Donna Wargo
Paul and Donna Wargo

This video is timely as our docking endorsement class is on April 23rd. It was beneficial to see a real vessel react to turning rather than a 2D diagram. Hope videos 2 and 3 are released this week. We are both ASA 101, 103, 104 and 114 qualified.