Phonetic Alphabet Quiz

Phonetic Alphabet Quiz

In sailing, the phonetic alphabet is an important thing to know and know well. Since so much communication is heard through the poor fidelity of small radio speakers and takes place in sometimes loud windy conditions, it’s vital to have a means to communicate clearly and precisely. These specifically chosen words used to represent the alphabet’s letters service that goal. In the maritime world the NATO phonetic alphabet is most often used. If you don’t know it – click here, to memorize the words, If you already know it or sort of know it – take this fun little quiz to keep the rust off.

  • The letter “G” in the NATO phonetic alphabet is:
    1. GammaYou need to definitely learn G.
    2. GolfThat’s right!
    3. GeorgeGeorge is actually in the less known Western Union Phonetic Alphabet, so that would be wrong.
    4. GalaxyIf we were inventing a new phonetic alphabet, that would be a great G, but we’re not so that’s not right…
  • This letter in the NATO phonetic alphabet is also a medical procedure: (Don’t click until you’ve read all the answers!)
    1. OperationIncorrectamundo!
    2. X-rayThat be it!
    3. StitchS can be tough. Hit the books
    4. Both a and bThere’s only one that’s a medical procedure unless you count the letter “G” (GOLF) as some sort of therapy.
  • It’s a dance but it’s also a letter in the phonetic alphabet (Don’t click until you’ve read all the answers)
    1. Waltzisn’t part of the phonetic alphabet.
    2. FoxtrotYes, but there was another one
    3. TangoYes, but there was one more
    4. Both b and c“Foxtrot” and “Tango” – you know it!
  • One letter in NATO phonetic alphabet is also a month. Which one?
    1. October‘Fraid not. Here’s a hint – O is a person’s name.
    2. DecemberThink again.
    3. JulyMakes sense but “Juliet” might be upset that you forgot about her!
    4. NovemberYou got it!
  • How many letters in the NATO phonetic alphabet are also men’s proper first names?
    1. 5Yes. Charlie, Mike, Oscar, Romeo, and Victor
    2. 3There’s a couple more actually
    3. 1Hit the books!
    4. 2There’s more than that!
  • One of the NATO phonetic alphabet letters is a measure of weight. Which one?
    1. Z“I’d like a Zulu of bananas” doesn’t sound quite right!
    2. MYou’re not right but you’re still a bright and worthy person, unless your name is “Mike”.
    3. SLots of people can’t remember what S is in the phonetic alphabet… you are one of those people.
    4. K“Kilo” – right!
  • What is the Canadian connection in the NATO phonetic alphabet?
    1. Ontario is OO no it’s not!
    2. Toronto is TNo way hoser!
    3. Quebec is QThat is correct – eh!
    4. There is no Canadian connectionAh but there is!
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Not to be picky, but kilo (kilogram) is a measure of mass, not weight.


Not to be picky, but you’re being picky 🙂


Kilo is the prefix of a number (1000). kilometer, kilogram, kiloliter.


Maybe they were referring to old term “kilopond” which is weight.