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Okay, so you have it together… You’re making the local scene in your cruising boat and feeling pretty confident. That’s a good thing, but maybe it’s time for a little written test to see if that confidence is well founded. Here’s a quiz derived from ASA’s Coastal Cruising Made Easy that will give you more bravado or maybe humble you a bit. A wrong choice gets a wise-guy response.

  • In the distance you see an anchored boat displaying a red flag with a diagonal white stripe. You should know:
    1. There has been a toxic spill and avoid the area. There was no toxic spill…try again.
    2. There is a diver beneath the surface and you should stay clear. Yes! Be very aware of this.
    3. The boat is in distress and you should render assistance. Definitely not, try again and find out why that is not what you do.
    4. The boat is not equipped with radio communications and is signaling that it is not under power and intentionally drifting. The flag is communicating something but not that.
  • What are Jacklines?
    1. Jacklines are another name for reefing lines. Perhaps you don’t know what Jacklines are – try again.
    2. Jacklines are any lines that are permanently affixed to a boat’s toe-rail. Nope, you’re scratching your head aren’t you?
    3. Jacklines are lines that are of the thickest variety – usually over an inch in diameter. Afraid not – we’re guessing you haven’t used jacklines before.
    4. Jacklines are lines that run along the deck for the express purpose of providing an attachment point for safety tethers. Yes!
  • Fore-Reaching is something you would most commonly do when:
    1. You are experiencing heavy weather. You know the deal. Nice work.
    2. Conditions are perfect and greater upwind angles can be achieved. Unfortunately, that is quite wrong.
    3. There is zero wind. Sad to say, you chose the most wrong answer.
    4. The method of using an ultra-light “blade jib” to achieve far greater upwind angles. No, you can leave the “blade jib” in the “blade bag”.
  • If you hear 5 short blasts of a horn or whistle coming from another boat, it means:
    1. “I am unsure of your intentions.” Correct! That’s an important horn signal to know.
    2. “You are unlit.” Incorrect, although if you were unlit it’s possible you might here that signal. That’s a hint…
    3. “I am in distress, please render assistance.” That would be a big bowl of wrong.
    4. “I am backing out of a slip, stay clear.” No, that’s only three blasts.
  • What is a lubber line?
    1. A lubber line is a line used for towing. We’re sure you are not sure… incorrect.
    2. A lubber line refers jokingly to a line forgotten onshore. That makes sense in a weird way, but that isn’t the right answer.
    3. A line marked on the compass showing the direction straight ahead. Good work! Not everyone knows that one!
    4. A theoretical course route that eventually leads to the projected destination. Fancy answer, but just a bunch of words… give it another try.
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