Harken/Jeanneau AST

Harken and Jeanneau Debut Revolutionary Assisted Sail Trim

We catch up with David from Harken and learn more about this amazing new Assisted Sail Trim system that aims to make short handed cruising much easier. The system includes an Auto Tacking package that adjusts the headsail for the new tack while you steer through the maneuver. Auto Trim is the perfect complement to Auto Tacking for easy cruising. Set the initial trim, press the button to engage Auto Trim, and then let the system handle sheeting. The Sail Management package, which will debut in coming seasons, can hoist and douse the main or genoa. Load sensors detect jams and allow the halyard to be eased for safe operation.

Official Harken Press Release

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I have been looking at this self tacking jib. Love the idea of it as I am single-handed most of the time. But, from the research I’ve done, it does not allow for heaving-to well. Work that out and I am in line. Happy sailing!