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Ready to charter? Take our charter quiz and find out!

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Here’s a quiz created from ASA’s Bareboat Cruising Made Easy text book to see if you are close to being ready for a charter experience. Obviously the passing of this fun little quiz isn’t any kind of consent of expertise… it’s just a fun little quiz. To really get an education about bareboat chartering, make your way to the ASA 104, Bareboat Cruising sailing certification. Upon passing, you’ll be ready to charter anywhere in the world.

  • Which of these choices is not something that affects a sailboat’s range under power?
    1. Wind and waves Oh, but it does! Incorrect
    2. Rudder length That’s right! Don’t worry about your rudder length when you’re figuring out your range!
    3. Tank capacity Bigger tank, longer range, wrong answer
    4. Marine growth Marine growth DOES affect range – try again!
  • The flow of water generated by the propeller is called?
    1. Helm flush We made that up
    2. Prop wash You are right!
    3. Blade wake That’s not a thing, although it would make for a good movie title!
    4. Flow force Flow Force is a dance move created by ASA Founder Lenny Shabes
  • Mainsails with in-mast furlers are deployed with?
    1. The downhaul We’re sorry-one more try
    2. The main halyard No, that would be for a common mainsail
    3. The boom vang Nope, now go look up boom vang!
    4. The outhaul Correct! That’s the way it’s done.
  • Overpowered sails create excessive heeling, to which a boat responds by turning into the wind. This response is known as:
    1. Lee helm Close but no cigar!
    2. Weather helm Correct!
    3. Upwind helm That is not what it’s called!
    4. Steering helm Nope, hit the books!
  • When sailing on a broad reach in gusts, sail farther downwind to reduce the:
    1. Traveler tension You’re funny… try again.
    2. Degree of outhaul to downhaul relationship That’s what you’re going with? Have another go at it!
    3. Apparent wind speed Yes!
    4. Lay line angle It’s ok to be wrong sometimes, as long as you learn it in the end!
  • When a boat is not connected to shore power, the battery bank is recharged most effectively by the engine’s
    1. Altimeter Well, no, but it does start with an A!
    2. Alternator Yes, the alternator is correct! Nice job!
    3. Solenoid Sounds like it could be right but it isn’t.
    4. Distributor It’s no fun not knowing something, but we trust you will figure this out.
  • To call “pan pan” on a VHF radio is to:
    1. Signal a need for help but indicate it is not life threatening Yes indeed
    2. Signal an urgent call for assistance in a life threatening situation No that’s Mayday.
    3. Signal to authorities that you are responding to another boater’s call for help due to a more favorable proximity That isn’t correct, but you sound like a helpful person.
    4. Indicate specifically that you are currently in the midst of a man overboard situation That’s not what pan pan is all about – try again.
  • Two anchors set from the bow 45 to 60 degrees apart is called a
    1. Split grab The ol’ split grab huh? We gotcha!
    2. Twin set Nope, that’s for bed sheets!
    3. Forked moor Yes – well done!
    4. Pirate rake Ha ha! But that is a cool name!
  • When arriving in a foreign country you must fly what kind of flag below your starboard spreader?
    1. Your native country’s flag No, you can fly your native flag but not from that spreader
    2. The flag of the country that you are currently in Incorrect – wait until after you’ve checked in with appropriate authorities
    3. A plain gray flag that indicates peace and respect That is not a real thing…
    4. The Q flag Qrect! Fly the yellow Q flag.
  • At night, a sailboat under power must show an above deck white light called a:
    1. Steaming Light That’s the one!
    2. Forging Light While you might be forging and you might have a light… that’s not what it’s called.
    3. Top Lamp It sounds sort of nautical but we made it up… take another shot.
    4. Piloting Light There’s no shame in being wrong as long as you don’t stay wrong!
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