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Docking Made Easy Quiz…

Cruising World / Beneteau America

Cruising World presents “Docking Made Easy” an ASA educational video in association with Beneteau America.

Watch the video and then take our fun docking quiz!!

  • According to ASA’s Docking Made Easy instructional video, in an ideal world…
    1. The wind will be blowing parallel to the dock allowing you to tie up pointing into the wind. Yes, that’s the first sentence of the video – you better get that one!
    2. The wind will be blowing perpendicular to the dock allowing you to luff and be guided softly into the docking space. No, that is definitely not ideal.
    3. The wind would be coming from behind the boat allowing for a downwind approach. No, a downwind approach is no way to dock a boat under sail.
    4. The wind is blowing from an offshore direction. Incorrect, what’s relevant is where the dock is in relation to the wind. Watch the video again!
  • Which one of these things is NOT something that needs to be done when preparing to dock.
    1. Drop or furl the jib Incorrect – you should do this..
    2. Prepare and secure the dock lines No, for sure, secure the dock lines!
    3. Fenders are tied on. Not the right answer – tie those fenders on!
    4. Adjust the traveler hard to the windward side. Correct answer, this does NOT need to be done when preparing to dock.
  • Which point of sail should you be on as you approach the dock?
    1. Broad Reach. Back to the video for you!
    2. Run. What? no, watch the video again!
    3. Close Haul. Don’t feel too bad, but that’s not right… watch the video one more time.
    4. Close Reach. Correctamundo!
  • How fast should you be sailing when you near the dock?
    1. At the pace of a very slow walk. You got it!
    2. Above five knots. No, that’s too fast!
    3. As fast as possible. That is a very wrong answer!
    4. Anything below 10-knots is an acceptable speed. Try again, let’s not crash this boat…
  • As the boat nears the dock the crew should…
    1. Jump from bow as safely as possible, awaiting dock-lines from fellow crew member(s). No, jumping from the bow with no lines is a bad idea.
    2. Sit amidships, in front of lifelines, with both bow and stern lines ready. Try again… sitting is not the ticket
    3. Step off the middle of the boat at the shrouds with the bow line in hand. Yes and yes!
    4. Stay in the cockpit and let the skipper dock the boat. Incorrect, docking can be tricky the crew should help out!
  • When preparing to step from the boat to the dock, what should the crew-person use for stability and support?
    1. Lifelines No, lifelines are not designed for this purpose.
    2. Lifeline stanchions Incorrect – watch that video again!
    3. The boom because it is in the correct position and can carry the most weight. No, holding onto the boom as you dock a boat is stinking thinking!
    4. Shrouds. Bingo!
  • What knot should you use to secure the boat to the dock?
    1. Bowline Nope! but that would be a good one for attaching a sheet to a headsail!
    2. Cleat Hitch Yep!
    3. Square Knot No, but check out our Knots Made Easy video series and learn about that one!
    4. Clove Hitch Try again!
  • What kind of boat was featured in the docking video?
    1. A Dinghy Nope! But that would have been fun!
    2. A Catamaran No! Those can be tricky to dock!
    3. A Beneteau ASA First 22 Yep! It’s a great boat to learn on!
    4. A Schooner Wrong! That would have been a real challenge to dock under sail!
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Will ASA create a series of videos showcasing how to leave a dock under sail with the wind coming from various wind directions (no motor)?

This video looks great! Thank you for sharing!


Here’s a hint: it’s not a perfect world.


How do you dock if the wind is on your beam and how do you leave the dock with the wind still on your beam?

Dick Roth
Dick Roth

Ha! Love it.

Boyd Anderson
Boyd Anderson

Nice Job. Lets have more of these on lots of subjects. How about sail trim in 20+ knot winds etc.?


Stopping a boat by the bow line causes the stern to swing out. Should be stopped by a mid-ship line..


Try looping a cleat and avoid getting off the boat while it is still moving


The interesting cases are when the wind in blowing from any other direction, especially from behind. A jibe … dumping wind while rounding up to a dock or mooring .. is a skill that needs to be learned.


Clear and concise. Well done.