Sailing Terms Quiz

Sailing Terms Quiz (IV)

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We know how much you like us to test your sailing knowledge so give this quiz a shot and see if you know all of these sailing terms from our Sailing Made Easy textbook. Good luck!

  • An “override” refers to
    1. A boat passing another boat on the starboard side. Nope, that’s just boat traffic.
    2. A boat being passed in a downwind situation so closely, wind is stolen from the forward boat. Incorrect, that’s just rude!
    3. A severely over-trimmed jib. Is it possible you are just guessing?
    4. A sheet getting pinched and immobilized under the wraps of a winch drum.You are right! Four more and you will ace this thing!
  • A “float plan” at its most basic is…
    1. The length of a boat divided by the amount water it displaces. Sorry, that’s not right. A math equation it is not
    2. A preliminary log entry outlining the waypoints of a given route. You thought, “that sounds like it could be right”… but it is not
    3. Telling someone on land you’re going sailing and the time you will return. Correct! That’s a rudimentary float plan. Good work!
    4. An advanced determining of what a given watch system should be. For example, three hours on, three hours off. That is not a float plan that is a watch schedule. Back to the books!
  • If you are sailing “wing on wing”, you are…
    1. Heeled over with both jib and main tightened and balanced creating a perfect “wing”. It seems you don’t know what “wing on wing” means
    2. Sailing 10 boat-lengths or less, parallel to another boat going the exact same speed. No, that answer was created to fool you.
    3. Just on the cusp of having too much sail area up and should consider reefing. That is not sailing “wing on wing”. You don’t know it now, but at least you know what you don’t know.
    4. Sailing downwind with the jib on one side of the boat and the mainsail on the other. Alright! Your knowledge is appreciated!
  • If you are tightening the outhaul you are…
    1. Tensioning the foot of the mainsail. That’s right! You know your sailboat parts!
    2. Insuring the rudders do not kick up. Not right. Currently you do not know what an outhaul is.
    3. Supporting the boom with an adjustable block and tackle system. Incorrect. Maybe your confusing your sailboat parts.
    4. Working with the traveler system. Afraid not. It’s time for you to learn what an outhaul is.
  • If the skipper tells you to “make fast” you should…
    1. Move quickly to the weather side of the boat. No, if you do this the skipper will look at you and wonder what you’re doing.
    2. Quickly release the tension of a given line.. Nope. That might make the skipper mad actually
    3. Prepare for a sudden wind change. That’s not right, but at least if you do this no one will know you don’t know what “make fast” means.
    4. Expect to have to tie something to something else.. Yes! It’s an old term that means to secure something. Nice work!
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