Sailing Term Quiz

Sailing Terms Quiz

Okay, here’s a quick little quiz of sailing terms born from our Sailing Made Easy book. Test your sailing knowledge with these 5 questions – if you get them all right, the quiz will give you compliments. If you make a mistake, the quiz may act like a wise guy. Either way, it’s fun. Ready?

  • What is the “clew” of a sail?
    1. The upper attachment point of a sailnope, that’s the “head”
    2. The long stretch of sail that parallels the boomno, that’s the “foot”
    3. The aft lower corner of a sailyou got it!
    4. The area where reef lines are attachedthat would be incorrect!
  • Where is the “companionway” on a sailboat?
    1. The entrance from the cockpit or deck to the cabin correct-a-mundo!
    2. Synonymous with aft cabin – the rear cabin under cockpit nope -we made that up
    3. The walkway along the deck I’m afraid not
    4. In bigger boats it is the space located just before entering the engine room fooled ya!
  • A “grommet” is…
    1. A very small screw inside most standing rigging hardware you thought that? No.
    2. A washer that provides spacing in a standard winch incorrect, a washer in a winch is a washer in a winch
    3. A tell tale that gets stuck to a sail and is of no use perhaps you don’t know what a grommet is
    4. A metal ring set into a sail you got the smarts!
  • What’s a “spar”?
    1. Slang for boathook it is not that
    2. A pole used to support a sail your brain is working!
    3. A pole used to fold sails I don’t think that exists!
    4. A term describing a young sailor you can call them that but that’s wrong
  • A “block” in sailing means
    1. Stealing another sailor’s wind that would be incorrect
    2. A wooden shimunderstandable choice but no
    3. A pulley we have a winner!
    4. A fastener that secures running rigging to standing rigging uh, no.
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Quiz 1 Results
Quiz 1 Results

Here are the results of the first quiz – only 50% of you got all the answers right. Let’s hope you can do better in the next quiz.

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All good basic questions.

Wayne Perry

Very good questions, please do more Quizing


Pretty basic!

Duane Moran

Thank God I got them all right. Because I’m an ASA instructor. Lol

Lenny Shabes

Thank god I got them all right! They all were pretty basic but these are great, let’s do some harder ones!


Give us a challenge!


Im new to sailing but i managed to get them all correct, i know more than i thought i did, it would have been i bit poor if a brit got ’em all wrong.

Pete Begich

What’s another name for that “grommet”? (cringle?) I like the quiz and that it is geared to beginners, newbies and students…as it should be. Nice addition!

Thomas Steffens

I thought a Spar was a generic term for any linear rigid structure on a boat. Eg. – a mast is a spar or stanchions are spars. ???


Mast is a spar, stanchion is not. The definition is absolutely correct.

bill mccreadie

Answering questions keep you sharp


yes but can you tell me what a boomkin is?


A structure off the stern of the boat to support tackle used to trim the aftermost sail (probably a mizzen).


Boomkin, or bumpkin, is a brace, aft of the stern, to provide support for the backstay, especially used if the boom extends past the stern.

mike elkins

a grommet can also be made from rope. it is generally just a hoop sewn into the sail that reinforces the canvas. to lay up a grommet is similar to an eye splice. the pattern on sewing should be star burst to spread the tension