Learn to Sail in San Francisco

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Sailing used to be a pretty exclusive sport. Unless family or close friends sailed regularly, you would likely never have the opportunity to learn yourself. Luckily, picking up sailing at all ages is now easy, safe, and affordable.

New sailors pose with their ASA 101 certificates in Santa Barbara, CA

New sailors pose with their ASA 101 Log Books in Santa Barbara, CA

The first step? Choosing the right sailing school. There are 38 ASA sailing schools in California alone and 5 in the San Francisco area! Four of the schools in San Francisco have boats inspected for safety by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, so put aside your worries and get ready for the start of a new adventure. Even if you’re an experienced sailor, you’ll find lots to learn from our knowledgeable, friendly instructors. We offer an array of courses to suit sailors of all skill levels, and your certification is valuable for future boating ventures as well.

All of our schools feature plenty of time on the water along with complementary lessons on land to foster quick, easy learning and, most importantly, a love of sailing. Our instructors are certified and have trained rigorously to have the opportunity to share their passion with you. Despite each school’s common curriculum and high standards, they are all unique. Many schools have specialties such as high level courses, racing courses, and spinnaker courses. Some even offer destination courses, so you can bring your sailing education with you from San Francisco to your vacation destination. To get started today, check out the five sailing schools in the San Francisco area:

Sailing in Manatee Pocket, FloridaModern Sailing School & Club

San Francisco Sailing Company

Spinnaker Sailing

SailTime San Francisco Bay

Tradewinds Sailing School

Explore each school’s website, call with questions, visit the school, and talk to instructors until you’ve found the right school and course for you. Learning to sail in San Francisco has never been easier!