Why Be an ASA Member?

ASA bahamas flotilla groupWhen you learn to sail with one of our over 300 sailing schools in the United States and around the world, you automatically get a 1 year membership with our Association. Great! But when that year is over, what comes next? Even if you don’t have another sailing course planned for the immediate future, why continue to be an ASA member? The answer comes in three parts:

1. Benefits
At just $39/year (or $69 for two years), an ASA membership often pays for itself the first time you sail with it. Members can get discounts on travel costs, chartering, sailing gear, not to mention a free subscription to SAILING Magazine. For the complete list of member benefits, click here.

2. Community
We’re not just a training program for sailors, we’re a huge network of people who share a passion for the sport and lifestyle. As an ASA member, you’ll have a ton of opportunities to stay connected with the sailing world through our social media, and more. Our mission is not just to provide the highest quality standard in sailing education, but also to help the sailing community grow and thrive.

3. ASA Is There For You
Your affiliation with ASA and your local sailing school form the backbone of your sailing resume whenever you want to charter a boat, join a racing team, or just borrow somebody’s day-sailer. We’re available to answer your questions, and we have a dedicated Government Liaison who stands up for your rights & interests.

ASA has certified over 835,000 sailors, but we couldn’t exist without our members. So join today and become a part of the most exciting seafaring community in the world!

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