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Ahoy Sailors!

Meghan Cleary here — introducing myself as the ASA’s new Social Media Writer. I’m excited to share current news about ASA and our events, while keeping a pulse on the country’s sailing scene in this new online platform. I hope sailors everywhere — from veteran ASA members to curious novices — discover important information, new sailing opportunities, salty stories, and a jolly community of fellow boaters on this forum.

A bit about me, and then back to sailing: I left my cubicle in Seattle, Washington, to sail the Pacific Coast this fall on my 35′ Young Sun cutter, Velella. My mate and I now live aboard in Marina del Rey, home of the ASA, and we are thoroughly enjoying our first winter without wet decks! I grew up daysailing a Boston Whaler Harpoon on Minnesota lakes and became an ASA member in college, obsessively working my way up through the Advanced Offshore class (which I enjoyed in the beautiful San Juan Islands, Washington). Now a 50-ton USCG captain, my real love is writing about sailing, and I do so for a handful of magazines.

I look forward to dispatching stories from ASA’s awesome flotillas and events and facilitating a dialogue here about all things boating. I want this to be an online happy hour for sailors too, so I encourage you to join in with comments and let me know if you want to see exposure on a particular topic. Check back often for new news and ruminations, and if you really like us, sign up for the RSS feed! Thanks to all the members out there for already supporting the ASA, and I hope many more readers will get to know the world of sailing and the ASA here on our blog.

Proposed Statewide Coastal Marina Permit

The California State Water Resources Control Board [SWRCB] is moving forward with a proposed statewide requirement that marinas and clubs with 10 or more slips and moorings obtain a state permit [termed a Coastal Marina Permit] and comply with many new requirements including extensive testing and reporting at a projected annual cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The use of the word “coastal” in the permit name is a misnomer. The text of the proposal states that it would be required of moorings and marinas located not only along the coast but in bays, estuaries, and certain fresh water mixing zones such as the San-Joaquin Delta. The scope could also be expanded as the proposal moves forward.

RBOC is working on this critical issue in cooperation with allied partners including Bay Planning Coalition, BoatU.S., California Association of Harbor Masters and Port Captains, California Marine Parks and Harbors Association, California Yacht Brokers Association, Marina and Recreation Association, and Western Boaters Safety Group.

The SWRCB plans to conduct stakeholder workshops in March, to receive public comments in April, and to vote upon the permit in November of 2010. The exact dates, times and locations of the stakeholder workshops have not yet been set, but plans are for workshops to be in San Diego, Ventura, and Francisco.

What clubs should do:
• Become Familiar with the Proposal and Its Impact, through the attached call-to-action
and other pertinent documents posted at and
• Keep Informed of Developments and Attend Workshops as this information becomes
available, and speak out against this proposal.
• Distribute the Call-to-action and Sample Letter to your Club Members.
• Generate Letters and Emails to the Governor, the SWRCB, and State Legislators, to submit your written opposition to this proposal.

RBOC contacts for clubs desiring more information on
this issue are:

IQC Are You Ready?

ASA Sailing Instructor clinics test existing skills and knowledge while teaching a structured curriculum and proven presentation techniques. ASA certified saling instructors have proven they measure up to a national standard which is used by more than 90% of the commercial sailing schools in the country. Take the challenge and attend an ASA Instructor Qualification Clinic (IQC).

Become a Sailing Instructor

BlueStorm X-Treme Sail 33 DX

  • For extreme cruising. This is Bluestorm’s top of the line inflatable PFD, designed for extreme and expedition cruising. Inflation of this model is fully automatic, but can stand a good amount of spray and splash on deck without going off. The back of this model has breathable mesh foam padding for added comfort. For inspection of the inflation system, this model has an inflation inspection window, like Sport Sail 33 DX, for quick, simple, single point inspection.

    • Auto Primary Inflation
    • Inflation inspection window for simple single point visual inspection to confirm that PFD is armed.
    • Deluxe Neoprene Collar, tall and fuzzy when you need warmth, low and out of the way when it’s hot.
    • Exterior zippered pocket has larger, deluxe welded-in, water resistant zipper.
    • Breathable mesh foam padding against wearer.

    BlueStorm X-Treme Sail 33 DX

    ASA Hires Social Media Writer

    The American Sailing Association has hired Meghan Cleary as the new Social Media Writer. Meghan will maintain and advance ASA’s social networking platforms. Join Meghan and ASA on the new ASA Blog, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Youtube and ASA’s online member community, BoatDOC, for the latest sailing news and updates. Thank You.