2009 Outstanding Instructors

By: Instructors

ASA’s Outstanding Instructors are selected each year solely as a result of student surveys.  Based on the volume of student feedback received throughout the year, instructors are placed into one of three groups.

The award then goes to the top ten highest average scores in each group.  Considering that there are over two thousand active ASA instructors, this places the Outstanding Instructors in the top 1½% of their peers for quality education as judged by their own customers.

  • Andrew B. Batchelor
  • Michael Bandera
  • Michael R. Blubaugh
  • Michael G. Brown
  • Lisa B. Frailey
  • Brigg Franklin
  • Michael G. Hirlinger
  • Michael B. Hoye
  • Daniel Knierien
  • Stanley Joe Lander
  • Brenton S. Lochridge
  • Jennifer MacLean
  • John Thomas Meade
  • William S. Miller
  • Nicholas A. Monastra
  • Peeter M. Must
  • Pat A. Nolan
  • James V. Palmer
  • Robert Patroni
  • Roger A. Philips
  • Audrey W. Rosenberg
  • Dan Ryder
  • Francis L. Shiman-Hackett
  • Edward C. Shires, Jr.
  • Randall F. Sparks
  • John H. Sporck, Jr.
  • Larry D. Strait
  • James C. Stewart
  • John H. Struchen
  • Marianne Wheeler