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Plastic-Free Provisioning

ASA’s Plastic Pollution Purge campaign asked our fellow sailors to “bring back more plastic than you take to your boat”, and to have fun practicing your crew overboard drills as you recover trash on the water. But to break the vicious cycle of plastic pollution in the water we must prevent it from getting to the ocean in the first place. An analysis of our results from the Landfill Challenge showed us that most of the plastic waste we create in our day-to-day lives comes from the way we eat and drink. Since we usually do this 3 times daily, it’s a great place to start when tackling the reduction of our plastic footprint.
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Parts of The Whole: Understanding Sailboats and Sailing – The Keel

The keel is a fixed appendage on the bottom of the hull that provides the sideways resistance needed to counter the force of the wind on the sails. The keel also carries ballast, usually iron or lead, the weight of which counteracts the force of the wind that causes a sailboat to heel, or lean over. On a modern boat, the keel is shaped in the form of an airfoil wing to generate lift, which helps it sail closer to the wind. A keelboat is generally larger than 20 feet and can be as large as a megayacht at 200 … Continue reading Parts of The Whole: Understanding Sailboats and Sailing – The Keel

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How To Sail a Boat

There is a cloak of mystery that surrounds sailing. You might be on a picturesque beach and you see a sailboat off in the distance or you might be in a marina and you notice how the wind gently moves a schooner across the water. It makes you wonder, How To Sail A Boat?

Sailing a boat is part art and part skill but few activities offer such a variety of pleasures as sailing. Something special occurs when you cast off the lines and leave your cares at the dock. While technology dictates so much of our lives these days, sailing is still fundamentally the same as it always has been. You, the sailor, relying on your feel and mother nature helping you along with wind and water. Sailing a boat is easier than you think.
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ASA's Inside Sailing

Inside Sailing – Tom Simmons, Director of ‘Coyote: The Mike Plant Story’

We’re proud to announce a new video series called “ASA’s Inside Sailing,” where we conduct on-camera interviews with prominent and/or interesting figures in the world of sailing.

In our inaugural episode, we spotlight Tom Simmons, Director of Coyote: The Mike Plant Story (trailer). In his feature length documentary Simmons delves deep into the life of American solo-sailor Mike Plant who was both an extremely daring sailor and a very compelling character. In our interview, we ask Simmons (also the nephew of Plant) what he learned about sailing, filmmaking and himself after the immersive process of directing this extraordinarily well-made and in-depth biography.

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ASA Featured Instructor: Greg Martin of Sail Hawaii

Greg Martin is the owner and head instructor of Sail Hawaii. Captain Greg has been sailing since he was a kid growing up in San Diego and he further refined his sailing skills at the US Naval Academy. After the Navy, he became a middle school math and science teacher in Okinawa and it was only natural that his passion for sailing and teaching would come together when he first started teaching ASA courses in Japan with Yoh Aoki. In 2013 Captain Greg bought his Pearson Alberg 35 “Gemini” in California, intending to sail back to Japan, but stopped in Hawaii along the way and fell in love with the Aloha life.
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Filmmaker Soraya Simi Talks To ASA About Where The Water Takes Us

Soraya Simi is an ocean-minded filmmaker, sailor, and environmentalist. Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, she spent her days exploring the desert, fostering her love for the outdoors from an early age. Now in her final semester at USC’s film school in Los Angeles, Soraya has combined her passion for storytelling with her desire to be close to the ocean, bringing awareness to and protecting the environment through film. Simi is currently finishing up a documentary titled, Where The Water Takes Us, that follows a group of college students on a sailing journey in the Caribbean.

Where the Water Takes Us is a documentary by Soraya Simi that follows the transformation that 20 college students undergo while embarking on a sailing adventure in the Caribbean aboard the Brigantine Corwith Cramer. They were at sea for 40 days, sailing from San Juan to Key West while visiting the USVI, The Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Jamaica, and Grand Cayman in-between, conducting ocean and climate change research throughout.
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