Arabella BVI

Sailing Arabella

There are eight sails on Arabella, and when she is fully outfitted to move in the wind, she is majestic. When you see her from shore, you ponder what it would be like to feel the movement on her decks. When you are on board, you sit in awe. She is elegant and poised as she adapts under full sail. While Arabella acts like a sailboat, she advances across the ocean like Audrey Hepburn would move across a crowded room in her little black dress.

Arabella moves with grace, sailing like the ocean is hers. When you watch from the bow, all you can see is the sails leaning away from the wind. You can almost see Bernoulli’s math being worked out and you can hear the wind being utilized to bring forth the experience.

Sailing on Arabella is still sailing, but it should not be confused with a dinghy on the lake or your first ride on a Catalina 27. 

As an ASA member, you get to experience Arabella firsthand. If you are up to it, you can even take the helm or raise a sail. 

Will You Be Sailing Arabella?

As winter arrives in your neighborhood there will be a group of sailors working on their tan aboard a mega-sailing yacht in the British Virgin Islands. As snow is being shoveled, there will be sand between someone’s toes. The hot tea indoors will not compare to the rum punch at a beach bar.  Arabella, will spread out her sails and glide through the warm waters in the British Virgin Islands and a group of ASA members will be detoxing from life with the wind in their hair, a drink in their hand and not a worry in the world. 

Ask yourself, why aren’t you going on an Arabella Cruise with ASA? There are a few spots left. 
Find your cabin!

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5 Reasons to Sail to St. Barths

As if you need another reason to drop anchor in St. Barth we suggest these five reasons to sail your bareboat charter boat to this gem of an island that is the South of France in the heart of the Caribbean. Close your eyes and you’ll hear France all around you, lift a fork and you’ll taste the cuisine and walk through the luxury shopping boutiques and you’ll swear you are on the Champs Elysee. Caribbean vibe meets French culture all with a hint of island style and you get luxurious St. Barth. 

You don’t need a megayacht to have a good time in St. Barth, but it doesn’t hurt.

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The Charter Quiz

Do you have the urge to put your sailing education to use on a bareboat charter? Are you considering a crewed charter? Test your knowledge with this quick and fun charter quiz to give you some of ideas during the planning process of your sailing vacation.

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Captain’s Tip: Have You Checked Your Rigging?

Captain Dan Ryder of Sail Channel Islands shares a story with ASA about the importance of keeping your boat rigging in good shape. Captain Dan Ryder is one of our featured Instructors, you can read all about him here.

We had a bit of drama the other day when we picked up a distress call while we were conducting refresher training. The vessel calling told Coast Guard sector LA that they’d been dismasted and needed assistance. They reported that they were just south of Arch Rock at Anacapa Island.

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Six Destinations For Your Charter Sailing Vacation

So you are thinking about a bareboat charter vacation. Maybe you are thinking about a crewed charter sailing vacation. Either way, you probably are thinking about the British Virgin Islands as we find that an overwhelming majority of ASA graduates list the BVI as their charter destination of choice. However, let’s look past the BVI as a destination and focus on 6 other spots you might consider. Your ASA sailing education has given you all the tools necessary to take the helm, now all you have to do is find a spot to explore.

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5 Tips For Planning A Sail From Let’s Go Sailing

The new small boat sailing book “Let’s Go Sailing” is available from the American Sailing Association. SAILING Magazine says “The book is a sailing primer in all ways, covering all of the basics needed to get sailors of almost any age on the water. Every concept is illustrated in crystal clear detail through extraordinary computer-generated graphics that bring life to the ideas. It doubles as the manual for ASA’s Basic Small Boat ASA 110 class, but works as a standalone educational tool as well.”

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Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Preparedness

As sailors, Hurricane season is always in the back of our minds. There is no escaping the threat that we all feel both personally and tangentially when our friends and associates are in the path of these massive storms. No amount of words can describe how we felt after watching the images from the Bahamas and from some of our schools. Hurricanes repeatedly affect our friends and family in the ASA community. As the peak of hurricane season is upon us, we felt this was an excellent time to share some critical information about hurricane preparedness and how best to … Continue reading Hurricane Preparedness

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