2019 Arabella Grand Tour: Trip Update

We are in the middle of the 2019 Arabella Grand Tour as ASA members are currently sailing the waters of New England aboard the 157 mega sailing yacht, Arabella. The Arabella Grand Tour is a once in a lifetime experience and is more than just sailing as passengers are touring iconic destinations off the coast of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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Learning To Sail In New York City

Can New York City Be Your Summer Sailing Destination?

When I turned my back on the Statue of Liberty, the view of New York City romanticized everything about this metropolis. Sunshine bouncing off the ripples in New York Harbor, the sounds of the chaos on the city streets replaced by the sounds of a boat cutting across the water. New York from the harbor is enchanting.

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This Croatian Flotilla is organized by Sea Safaris in Chicago and ASA Captian Jean “John” De Keyser and his wife “Admiral” Mila. Follow along in this three-part series as they lead the way through the three-week journey. The final week of our flotilla has arrived, and we will be heading back with new crew. Skipper Joe C and his lovely bride, Anna, will be staying with us for this last week. On “Cetina”, we only have three souls on board: Admiral Mila, Thorsten J from Vancouver and yours truly. On “Tina”, we have Joe and Anna as well as Ron … Continue reading ASA CROATIA FLOTILLA, DUBROVNIK TO KASTELA (SPLIT), JUNE 15 TO 22, 2019

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Roxy Darrow Has Gone Sailing

“I’ve always looked out over the Pacific and wondered about our ocean neighbors, the cultures, the people, the land that share the Pacific together. What the ocean looks like in the middle, what it feels like. And now I know. I want to continue experiencing more of her secrets.” Roxy Darrow responded to Captain Ann Alberg when asked about her inspiration for being out on the water.

Roxy Darrow found herself while kayaking on the Potomac. Strange to think that a sailor’s soul would be found in the nation’s capital but not strange at all when the water we desire speaks to us. “After graduating from college and working for a time in Washington DC, I found myself dissatisfied, my soul was lost. One early summer evening I went kayaking on the Potomac River, a habit I’d developed to overcome the Monday blues. As I paddled and pondered life, a clear voice, my inner voice, my soul said to me, why don’t you sail to Japan? And I thought that’s a fine idea.” With so much as an idea, Roxy left her job and went back to California where she grew up sailing on her family’s Islander 36. After a couple of years of preparation, she was off to San Diego to join the Baja Ha Ha.

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Your First Charter Sailing Vacation

When ASA started over 35-years ago our primary goal was to get people sailing safely and competently so they could reach the goal of buying their own boat and living happily ever. At that point, charter companies were few and far between, however, as time went on, the bareboat charter industry became more and more substantial and omnipresent. Now sailors can rent all different kinds of boats, in nearly any location in the whole world.

Today ASA has over 400 affiliated schools, has taught over half a million students and has a team of over 7000 certified instructors. As ASA has grown so has the charter industry. When Ginny and Charlie Cary founded Moorings Bareboat Charters in 1969 could they have imagined an industry where you can charter a boat almost anywhere in the world?

ASA believes a great charter experience is truly the reward of a superior sailing education.

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green boating

Green Boating with Sailors for the Sea

If you are a part of the ASA sailor network, you probably already know about Sailors for the Sea. If you are new here, it’s my honor to introduce you to the single best resource for ocean-friendly sailing there is.

No sailor’s education is complete without an understanding of our impact on the oceans. On land, we consider our effect on the ocean in the abstract. But when we’re sailing, the ocean is directly impacted by the choices we make.

Sailors for the Sea provides important ocean conservation education to sailors and young people all over the world. They set up the first and only sustainability certification for regattas that has provided tools to over 2,000 regattas and a half-million sailors. They distribute ocean education lesson plans for kids, and provide tools for boaters to properly use and care for their vessels with respect for the environment with their Green Boating Guide.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit obsessed with this guide. I read through it and thought, Wow, they thought of everything. It’s so visual, fact-checked, and simply stated. Every boat should have a copy. I caught up with Sailors for the Sea to learn more about the Green Boating Guide and what the crew is up to.

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