Cooking in the Galley: Beyond Gruel

Beyond Gruel is author and sailor, Bob Witty’s first book. He describes his love of cooking and sailing and how he could not eat bad food while out on the water. The book centers around the idea of less is more, understanding that the less that is required to achieve the more you want, communicated through sailing and food.  “I grew up in South Florida and sailed an 11 foot Snark sailboat on a lake in the back of my home. I had wanted to take sailing lessons for years; unfortunately, family, work, and other priorities always got in the … Continue reading Cooking in the Galley: Beyond Gruel

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Celestial Navigation for Sailors with Tom Tursi

Celestial Navigation seems to be something that only the old salts talk about as necessary. Why do we need to seek out the sun and the stars to helps us navigate? These days with GPS systems on our mobile devices we feel as if we can find our way with ease. Well, navigation has become more convenient; but what would you do if your electronics failed? Celestial Navigation is not at all complicated considering all you need is the sun, a watch, a sextant, and a nautical almanac. Get a reading at noon of your location using the sun, a  … Continue reading Celestial Navigation for Sailors with Tom Tursi

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ASA Featured Instructor: Captain Ivan Sagel, Sea Safari Sailing School

Captain Ivan fell in love with sailing as a youth at a summer camp in Wisconsin. The quiet magic of harnessing the breeze to sail across the lake was superior to paddling or the racket of a motor. The love of sailing has drawn him to the water from Maine to the Caribbean and the freshwater paradise of the Great Lakes. Ivan is the quintessential racer-cruiser, from winning the Mac to cruising the Caribbean, he is at home on the water. He holds a USCG 50 ton master’s license.

Ivan Sagel is this month’s featured Instructor.

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Featured School: The Maryland School of Sailing & Seamanship

  Aboard S/V ENCHANTMENT Island Packet 40 enroute from Bermuda to Norfolk, VA…  At precisely twelve midnight local time I shackled my safety harness onto the jackline and assumed the helm. I could barely make out Jim’s watch report as he hollered over the screeching gale which drove us so rudely on the port quarter: “Twenty-five knots, gusting to thirty-eight with ten to fifteen feet running on the port beam”. The ship’s bow plunged and shouldered ahead making sloppy seas tower above us before slicing off rivers of green water and spray which crashed aft into the pitching cockpit. The … Continue reading Featured School: The Maryland School of Sailing & Seamanship

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ASA Veterans Sailing Education Program

ASA’s Veteran Sailing Education Program Has Been Extended

In November of 2018, ASA launched its Veterans Sailing Education Program aimed at getting more veterans out on the water. Since then, ASA has donated over $13,000 to the Veterans Sailing cause and more than 120 schools have offered a discount to military members seeking a sailing education.

Take a look at the participating sailing schools and find one for you.

ASA would like to recognize the top schools in the Veterans Education Program:

The Top Sailing Schools Were:

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Update: The Voyage of the Arctic Loon

We have been following along with the Arctic Loon and Captain Anne Alberg as they journey from Seattle to New Zealand.  Her adventures have been mentioned on the ASA website. You can read them here: The Journey of the Arctic Loon The Crewy of the Arctic Loon Featured Instructor Captain Anne Alberg These are her latest updates from the last leg of the journey October 24: We are at Minerva Reef waiting for the “weather window” to make the final 7-day passage. Maybe a story could describe this final segment before we arrive in New Zealand after our 14 months … Continue reading Update: The Voyage of the Arctic Loon

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Learn To Sail Vacations with Nautilus Sailing & Dream Yacht Charter

A sailing vacation can be looked upon as a bucket list adventure or a once in a lifetime experience.  ASA is the world’s largest sailing education association and was in part conceived to educate and prepare sailors to skipper a bareboat safely and confidently.  Since its inception in 1983, ASA has taught almost 550,000 people how to sail and has issued over one million certifications for various higher levels of sailing proficiency.  ASA’s goal has always been to get more people out on the water. 

The American Sailing Association is very proud that Dream Yacht Charters, the world’s largest charter company, has chosen ASA affiliate, Nautilus Sailing, as its official sailing school partner, allowing sailors to obtain their ASA sailing certifications in over 60 exotic destinations.  

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