Mediterranean Mooring: What Is It and Why?

The moment you step off your yacht in St. Tropez you realize that you have hit the sailing jackpot. Well…that is if your mega yacht is backed stern to the quay and you’re debarking with a quick walk across the passarelle in view of all of the onlookers sipping coffee in the sidewalk cafes. At that point you are royalty and the Mediterranean mooring has turned you into an automatic A-lister.
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ASA Featured Instructor: Joan Gilmore, Sail Away Sailing School

Captain Joan Gilmore can be found at Sail Away Sailing School in Minnesota but that is just her physical address. You really find her out on the water as she leads trips to her favorite ports on a regular basis. She holds a master’s degree in adult learning styles and has been an Instructor Evaluator for ASA since 2000, training Small Boat through Advanced Coastal Cruising Instructors in the U.S., Japan, and the Caribbean. The former ASA Education Coordinator now serves on three non-profit sailing boards and writes articles for Sailing and other national magazines.

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earth day 2019

This Earth Day, Treat the Planet Like It’s Your Boat

I first learned about the art of sailing when I was nineteen years old. I had signed up for a semester abroad with a program that teaches students marine biology and oceanography courses, as well as sailing and coastal navigation skills. After a year of scraping together money and filling out forms, I spent my sophomore winter on an 88’ schooner in the Caribbean with a plan to sail to twenty islands.
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Inside Sailing - Tucker Thompson, Voice of the America’s Cup

Inside Sailing – Tucker Thompson, Voice of the America’s Cup

We’re proud to announce a new video series called “ASA’s Inside Sailing”, where we conduct on-camera interviews with prominent and/or interesting figures in the world of sailing.

For our latest episode of Inside Sailing, we interviewed the “Voice of the America’s Cup” Tucker Thompson. Tucker spoke about his career as a sailing broadcaster, the radical technology the AC employs and the influence this age-old sporting event has on sailing as a whole.

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storm drain ocean pollution

First Flush

After learning about Soraya Simi and her work, I checked out her short film First Flush. In just one minute we follow the journey of raindrops hitting the Los Angeles pavement, to the accumulating floodwaters traveling across roadways and down drains, all leading down to the LA River. The drainage carries with it more than just rain: various plastic trash on the streets are carried and gather around the storm drains. The journey ends exactly how we’d expect: at the ocean.

Soraya’s final message to her audience: “If you’ve ever wondered where it all goes…”
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Choosing The Right Boat for Your Sailing Charter

You’ll ask yourself if you need a watermaker or if air conditioning is important or even if you want a full-sized refrigerator onboard the boat you are going to charter. The truth is when you decide to take a sailing vacation aboard a sailing vessel that you will call home for a week or two you’ll be surprised by just how much you think you need. Choosing the right boat for your sailing charter can be simple as you really only need to think about four basic questions…

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ocean heroes bootcamp

Young Sailors: Are You an “Ocean Hero”?

Young sailors, your sailing education is not just about learning to read charts and pull lines. Your generation faces a whole new set of challenges on par with the great explorers of ancient times. Unfathomably widespread plastic, fisheries collapse, water pollution… the list of problems facing the ocean continues to grow. The mistakes of the past are not your fault, but there is hope: you can be part of the solutions of the future!
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