Featured School: Great Lakes Sailing Co.

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If there is an example of what the sailing community feels like it can be found at Great Lakes Sailing in Traverse City, Michigan. They have been teaching sailing at this location in some form for over 35 years and their program includes a “Women on the Water” program as well as a charter operation. You not only learn to sail here but you become part of their sailing community. This Month’s Featured School is Great Lakes Sailing Co. in Traverse City, MI Get to Know Modern Sailing School & Club Where They Sail  We sail in Grand Traverse Bay …

Why Sailing School Makes Sense

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I didn’t grow up on a boat.  I had been to the ocean and watched sailboats from the beach and I was intrigued.  It wasn’t until I had a job and a few responsibilities that I was able to take the plunge and buy a Catalina 27. I didn’t know how to sail, but I owned a boat.  My children, their sailing story is different. They grew up with the Pacific Ocean as their playground. Everybody has a different sailing story but it all starts with a passion for the water and good sailing instruction.  The American Sailing Association aims …

Where Are We Sailing Today?

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The goal at American Sailing has always been and will continue to be, to educate and prepare sailors to learn to sail confidently and safely.  Our primary purpose is to promote the sailing lifestyle. Through that, we encourage our sailors to get out and utilize their sailing education by sailing.  Our American Sailing Member Events are designed to get sailors together with other sailors in their natural environment.  The Ocean! We are scheduling Member Events that promote sailing, adventure, and exploration while visiting the sailing destinations that will encourage you to bareboat charter or join a flotilla.  Currently, American Sailing …

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Can Overboard!

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Scenario: You crack open a cold one after a long day of sailing. Your buddy Jim finishes his first beer (rather quickly) and tosses the can overboard. When prodded about the environment, he confidently responds, “It’s just metal- it will break down naturally.” A debate starts, and you want it to stop so you can enjoy the sunset and your beverage in peace. Does Jim have a point? A Brief Beer History Lesson Back in the 1930s when designers were tinkering with how to can beer, they kept encountering a problem: the beer reacted quickly with metal, causing an unpleasant …

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Plastic-Free Provisioning

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Over the years American Sailing has promoted our Plastic Pollution Purge campaign. We have asked our fellow sailors to “bring back more plastic than you take to your boat”, and to have fun practicing your crew overboard drills as you recover trash on the water. But to break the vicious cycle of plastic pollution in the water we must prevent it from getting to the ocean in the first place. Most of the plastic waste we create in our day-to-day lives comes from the way we eat and drink. Since we usually do this 3 times daily, it’s a great …

BVI’s Legendary North Sound Rises Again

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By Bob Curley Writer, Editor and Sailor, Bob Curley, is a Rhode Island Expert who contributes to American Sailing on sailing New England and the Caribbean. When Hurricane Irma scored a direct hit on the British Virgin Islands in September 2017, it’s no exaggeration to say that the results were apocalyptic. Making landfall as a Category 5 hurricane, the eye of the storm passed directly over the islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, and Jost Van Dyke. When the skies finally cleared, every piece of tropical greenery had been stripped from the landscape, more than 4,000 houses were damaged or destroyed, …

ASA Featured Instructor: Hilary Howes

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Captain Hillary Howes found the magic of sailing in the San Francisco Bay and her life has taken her across the country to the Chesapeake where she teaches for Annapolis Sailing School. As her professional career wound down she turned to sailing and boats and now her next chapter involves sharing her love for the wind in her sails with new students. Hilary Howes of Annapolis Sailing is this month’s Featured Instructor.

Featured Sailing School: Blue Pacific Yachting

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If learning to sail in Los Angeles is on your to-do list you can be sure that Blue Pacific Yachting can get you out on the water. Blue Pacific Yachting is located in Marina Del Rey, California and they offer a full slate of ASA courses.  Sail Santa Monica Bay or join one of their destination charters.  This Month’s Featured School is Blue Pacific Yachting Where They Sail Blue Pacific Yachting sailing destinations include Marina del Rey, Malibu, Palos Verdes, Catalina Island, and the Channel Islands. January through March is an ideal time to see migrating gray whales along the …