Sailing In San Diego

5 Reasons To Sail In San Diego

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You want to learn to sail so why not pick a convenient destination to take your sailing courses? San Diego is the ideal location to visit because you can mix in your ocean adventures with some sightseeing and some cultural sites. Throw in a visit to a wild animal park and sample some craft beers and you can easily see why a sailing vacation in Southern California’s other beach city is the spot to choose to work on your sailing education.

Should ASA Instructors (and Skippers in General) Be Good Swimmers?

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Should You Know How to Swim to Learn to Sail? For sailors who grew up perpetually wet from ages 5 to 25, having fun righting capsized dinghies, less fun while righting turtled ones, and trapeze sailing small boats competitively in school and college, this question might seem to be axiomatic. Yet, there have been some very accomplished sailing skippers who cannot swim. Three-time America’s Cup winner, two-time Star Class World Champion, and Olympic Bronze Medalist Tempest Class sailor Dennis Conner cannot swim. British Royal Navy explorer, navigator, and cartographer Captain James Cook, who sailed thousands of miles across uncharted areas …

Operating a Dinghy Safely and Responsibly

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Dinghies are an integral part of sailing for the charter customer or for the cruiser who hopes to step onto shore once they reach their desired destination. However, do you know the rules and the etiquette that are the best practices with regards to dinghy use? Those sailors who have earned ASA 103 and ASA 104 certifications have learned about best practices when utilizing dinghies but it is always a good idea to brush up on what you should and should not do when operating a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RIB) or a dinghy.  Before Your Charter Begins: Inspect your dinghy. …

ASA Remembers Catalina Yachts Found Frank Butler

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The sailing world has lost an icon. Frank Willis Butler, President and Chief Executive Officer of Catalina Yachts, passed away on 15 Nov 2020 at age 92 in Westlake Village, CA. Frank founded Catalina Yachts in North Hollywood, CA, in 1969. Now headquartered in Largo, FL, but with offices still in Woodland Hills, CA, Catalina Yachts has grown to become the largest manufacturer of production fiberglass sailboats in the United States, floating more than 85,000 yachts to date. In his lifetime, Frank Butler has introduced hundreds of thousands of people to the sport of sailing. Born in Glendale, CA, in …

Where To Sail in 2021

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Once It’s Safe To Travel, Where You Should Go I’m going big.  I am going to compile my bucket list of sailing destinations and start checking them off. If we have learned anything during this pandemic it is to stop putting things off. The time is now to make plans for the immediate future. What have we been waiting for? By the end of the COVID-19 crisis we will all have been sailing in circles for a year so naturally, we will be in dire need of an escape. We will need a destination to look forward to.   When the …

Meridian X

Gone In An Instant

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Falling overboard at night is every sailor’s worst nightmare. This exact scenario played out last July during Chicago Yacht Club’s annual Race to Mackinac. In just moments, visiting Chesapeake Bay boat Meridian X went from racing to emergency recovery efforts as their crewman, Mark Wheeler, was thrown overboard into the cold, choppy blackness of Lake Michigan.

New Years Resolutions

2021 New Year’s Resolutions for Sailors

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2020 is in the rearview mirror so we look forward.  It is that time of the year when we make a few resolutions that we dare not break. We make a few declarations about opportunities past and goals for the future.  If we learned anything from the past 10 months is that life can change in an instant and the things that we take for granted can simply vanish. 2021 will be different. 2021 will be the year that we identify those things that we really want to accomplish and this year we will hold fast. Let’s make some New …

ASA Top Stories of 2020

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2020 is winding down and we thought we would share our favorite stories of the year. You may have been a bit distracted the past few months but we will share sailing stories with you again!   Happy New Year and let’s hope to sail together in 2021. The Top Stories from ASA in 2020 The Benefits Of Sailing For Kids While having a family dinner with my now college-aged son and his college friend, he explained that she was uncomfortable with our “healthy family dynamic.” “How do you all get along so well?” His answer was telling. “Spend any time …