ASA Affiliate Blue Pacific Yachting Deals with Coronavirus

As we merge from the pandemic crisis Sailing schools across the country and around the world have had to adapt to a changing landscape. One example of how all of this is being handled calmly and effectively is at Blue Pacific Yachting, an affiliate company of Denison Yachting, owned by Robert Denison and Nereus Dastur, in Marina del Rey, CA. At this ASA Affiliate school, General Manager Mollie Perlman has prepared an inventory of facial coverings, both N95 masks and cloth scarves, brightly-colored Nitrile synthetic rubber gloves which have a higher puncture resistance than latex or vinyl, an assortment of anti-bacterial and alcohol wipes, hand disinfectants, and a non-invasive iHealth PT3 thermometer. All these materials are readily available to her office staff, ASA Instructors, and student clients to help guard against coronavirus infection.

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ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising – What You’ll Learn

We dropped the anchor in about 15 feet of crystal clear water. From the dolphin striker, I could see the anchor chain all the way to the hook in the white sand. Fish darted below the boat as if they were accustomed to getting fed by the new arrivals. The four of us, my family, stood on the trampoline of the 48-foot catamaran and took in the scenery. An isolated cove in the Caribbean and it was all ours. 

That was our first bareboat charter anchoring experience. It was life-changing. The dream trip to charter a boat and explore a few islands had commenced and this moment was exactly how we had all imagined it to be. Alone in paradise on a big sailboat with the confidence to safely sail to a new port every night.

That is what sailing does for you. That is what ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising can prepare you for.

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Happy Independence Day Weekend!

4th of July weekend typically means large gatherings as we celebrate summer with fireworks and grilling. Sailors will congregate on docks and tell great stories and then sit on the deck waiting for the fireworks display. 

This may not be everybody’s experience this weekend so here are a few ways to fill your coronavirus 4th of July.

Take a Look at Free Content From ASA

Learn something about sailing during the coronavirus pandemic. The American Sailing Association has a series of free videos with tips and instructions to help you work on your sailing education while we wait out the COVID-19 crisis.

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How To Learn To Sail

“I have always wanted to learn to sail”

How many times have you said this or heard someone say it?

“How can I get started with sailing? How do I learn to sail?”

At ASA, we hear that phrase on a daily basis.  We will let you in on the answer. It’s simple.

You won’t have to buy a boat or learn a new language or buy a new wardrobe to get a taste for sailing. You can dictate how much you want to experience.

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Sailing New England – Arabella Grand Tour

In late August. ASA and the Manhattan Yacht Club will once again partner to deliver guests a luxury sailing yacht experience aboard the Sailing Yacht Arabella. Sailors will depart Newport, Rhode Island for the offshore destinations of Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Cuttyhunk.  

This Grand Tour of New England is about celebrating sailing and the end of summer. This season it is about overcoming the obstacles that we have faced so far in 2020. Our social distancing has helped to lessen the spread of COVID-19 and this sail will be a reward for our patience. 

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How Teen Sailors Can Make a Difference

SeaTrek BVI is an ASA school that introduces teens to the ocean environment through sailing and scuba diving. Each summer their voyages delve into marine science, adventure, and hands-on learning in the Caribbean. Students participate in these programs while living aboard one of their 48-foot catamarans. SeaTrek BVI is lending its voice to the ASA website to help promote teen sailors and environmental awareness.

How Teens Can Make A Difference in the Ocean Environment

Teenagers can save the world, and they can start today! Whether you reside on the coast or in a landlocked state, your everyday activities impact the ocean. And believe it or not, the ocean impacts you! From economics to the air we breathe, the ocean is a vital part of life. The ocean boosts the economy by almost 300 billion dollars. It provides protein to more than half the planet’s population, and as if that is not enough, the ocean’s phytoplankton is responsible for at least 50% of the air we breathe. However, the ocean is fighting to survive against pollution, overexploitation, and climate change, all because of human impact on our planet. That’s where you come in! The ocean is worth saving, and if you follow the steps below, you can minimize those impacts and help create a positive change.

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The Process of Buying Sails, and How to Protect Your Investment

Ullman Sails has agreed to offer ASA members a 10% discount on the purchase of new sails. These sails, made in the USA,  are custom designed and fit.  Not an ASA member, sign up today. Buying New Sails For Your Sailboat While there are plenty of types of sails out there ranging from golliwompers, fishermen, and in the old days, bloopers, for most of us, sails simply come in three different forms.   Main sails Genoas and jibs Spinnakers, both symmetric and the new gennakers Let’s discuss these three sails, and the options that are available, starting first with the … Continue reading The Process of Buying Sails, and How to Protect Your Investment

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Sail Local: Sailing The Great Lakes

As we emerge from our pandemic cocoon we will seek out the fresh air and look to get some wind in our sails. While we may not be able to roam as freely as we may like we can head to the water and go sailing.  We say “#saillocal” and find a school nearby to help you work on your sailing, teach you some skills or just introduce you to some new sailing friends. Sail the Great Lakes At over 95,000 square miles, The Great Lakes make up the largest body of freshwater on the planet. Lake Superior, Lake Huron, … Continue reading Sail Local: Sailing The Great Lakes

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