Trip Update: Arabella in the British Virgin Islands

It’s the middle of January and you may be suffering from the winter blues but a group of ASA members is sailing on Arabella in the British Virgin Islands.  You might be a bit envious when you see what they are up to right about now.  However, you should know that you could be doing the exact same thing. Take look at to find a trip that fits in your schedule. For now, live vicariously through a few images of what life is like right now aboard Arabella in the British Virgin Islands. Guests aboard Arabella can help with … Continue reading Trip Update: Arabella in the British Virgin Islands

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ASA Featured Instructor: Captain Tom Tursi, Maryland School of Sailing & Seamanship

Tom Tursi holds a USCG 100-ton Ocean Masters License, is an ASA Certified Sailing Instructor and a part owner of the Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship. He teaches navigation and offshore courses, and establishes school sailing programs and policy. He is the author of instructional texts, including two adopted by ASA,  Coastal Navigation & Piloting used for the ASA105 course level and Docking Techniques used for the ASA118 Docking Endorsement. Tom is a lifelong sailor, owning a number of different racing and cruising sailboats, and has completed over 70,000 miles of blue water ocean sailing throughout the world in addition to extensive coastal cruising.

Tom Tursi is this month’s featured Instructor.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be An ASA Member 

The American Sailing Association is the largest sailing education organization in the world. Sure, there are over 400 schools and 7000+ instructors. Yes, ASA is part of a community of sailors who are advocates for the health of our world’s oceans.  Over 500,000 people have learned to sail with ASA, but why should YOU be a member?  Five Reasons Why You Should Be An ASA Member: ASA members get discounts from Dream Yacht Charters on sailing charters in over 60 locations worldwide. Your membership can save you as much as $600 on a bareboat charter. Do the math. You are … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Be An ASA Member 

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The Benefits Of Sailing For Kids

As a kid, I never sailed. I lived close enough to the ocean that people I knew would go there, but my working-class father never really saw it fit to head to the shore for a day at the beach. He certainly did not need to be on a boat.  “I have legs that work perfectly fine on land. I don’t have fins. I don’t need to be surrounded by water.” These were common refrains by my landlubbing father.

Fast forward to me becoming a father, and times have changed. While dating my future wife, we would eye sailboats and talk about “one day” becoming boat owners. We sailed on boats in Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. It was only a matter of time before we were the proud owners of a 1977 Catalina 27. It also meant that our family would be boat people. When our family expanded to three and then to four, it meant that we would have more hands on deck. 

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Captain Anne Alberg: Arctic Loon Slideshow

Being on the water is in Anne Alberg’s DNA. Her great-great-grandfather Anders Persson’s boat is displayed in the harbor in Boren, Sweden. Beginning with several boating vacations to Desolation Sound in British Columbia around the age of 10, Anne has dreamed of sailing to faraway places like the South Pacific, Croatia, Myanmar and Belize. Sailing to Captain Anne has always been about freedom, adventure, exploration and discovery. In addition, it is a captivating and magical feeling being at the helm connecting as one with yourself, the boat and the wind. Anne also loves the social side of spending time with like-minded people sharing stories, learning from their experiences and connecting over their mutual love of sailing.  

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The ASA Family

The American Sailing Association is more than just an organization that hands out sailing certifications. It is an advocate for the environment, it is a voice for the sailing community and at its core, it is an institution whose ultimate purpose is to get people out on the water safely and confidently.

All of this does not happen without the tremendous amount of work done by over 400 schools and affiliates and well over 7000 sailing instructors around the world. This global community of sailing professionals works in concert to get the word out about sailing, the sailing lifestyle and the importance of an excellent sailing education.

This year we have featured numerous instructors and schools. Below we recount a few of the excellent instructors and schools that we have featured in the past 12 months. 

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