The Science of the Ocean

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The ocean is a vast space, and sailors inhabit just the surface. Below us, around us, and even above us, we are all affected by what goes on in the oceans. The ocean is where we sailors yearn to be. After all, if you had a choice, would you rather be at your desk or on a boat? While many sailors never stray far from shore, it is essential to understand a bit more about that giant body of water that you love to sail on. The ocean we all know is a product of billions of years of evolution. …

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Sailors and the Environment

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Every time we hoist a sail we utilize a natural resource that needs attention. The water we sail on needs an advocate and that person is you. The American Sailing Association is committed to addressing the issue of plastic pollution and environmental stewardship. Oceans and lakes are our playgrounds and we have an inherent responsibility to protect them. Sailors Can Truly Change The World In an impassioned meeting at the offices of the American Sailing Association, far from the concerns of sail trim or tacking angles, ASA Founder Lenny Shabes was speaking to a group of fellow educators and ASA …

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Plastic Items You Can Stop Bringing Onboard Today

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Maybe our last article about plastic in the ocean scared you a bit, but now that you know what’s going on, it’s time to get motivated. The good news is that little changes in our day-to-day lives can have a big collective impact on reducing the plastic flowing into the ocean, and you’d be surprised how easy it is to form new habits. Here are some single-use plastic items you can easily swap out with reusable products so you’re not adding to the problem.

Toxic Sunscreen: A Sailboat Captain’s Experience

By: Partners, Safety

By Kim Walther, ASA Instructor Working as a boat captain, I see a huge variety of sunscreen brands. It’s always interesting to check out what my sailing school students or charterers bring with them. I like to read what’s on the front, and then look at the back.  It’s absolutely incredible that some brands that we perceive as being very good for us and the environment actually include those poisonous chemicals. I found that out the hard way, when I used a sunscreen that I thought was wonderful and I ended up being poisoned by the ingredients! You can read …

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Our Plastic Problem: A Remarkably Brief Overview

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I don’t need to waste a sailor’s time by telling you there’s plastic in the ocean. If you’re out on the water, you’ve seen it by now. Some places are cleaner than others, and in some parts of the world it has reached an extreme that is truly surreal: As we’ve mentioned before, this is not an “ocean problem.” This is a “people problem.” So how did we get here, what’s the real level of the damage, and what do we do about it?