The American Sailing Mother’s Day Gift Giving Guide

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Every day should be Mother’s Day because most of us sailors probably were a handful and we somehow ended up ok. Well, at least most of us are ok, a lot of us are still a handful.  Mothers do a lot to foster whom we become as adults. If the mother in your life is a sailor she is probably raising young sailors who will learn to love the ocean, protect the environment and cherish the sailing lifestyle.  This Mother’s Day, give a gift that says you appreciate her. Mother’s Day Sailing Gift Ideas Somand Sailing Jacket View this post …

ASA Featured Instructor: Jeremiah Swetel

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Captain Jeremiah Swetel of Erie Islands Sailing is This Month’s Featured Instructor Jeremiah started his journey with boating at the age of ten in Cleveland. He has extensive experience sailing and boating in all parts of Lake Erie. Jeremiah also enjoys racing at his yacht club and sailing with friends and family. Jeremiah holds his USCG 25T Master Near Coastal license with Sailing and Towing endorsements and is certified by the American Sailing Association to teach ASA 101, 103, and 104. Captain Jeremiah Swetel is this month’s ASA Featured Instructor.

8 Ways To Foster Environmental Awareness

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When we step on a sailboat we often overlook that the bodies of water that we use to enjoy our sailing lifestyle are vital.  The health of our oceans and lakes can seem like an afterthought when we glide across the surface and rarely think about what lies beneath.  The truth is that all of us who embrace sailing as part of our identity have a responsibility to do our part to ensure that these vast bodies of water are healthy for generations to come. We all encounter plastic pollution regularly, and some personal involvement in conservation, awareness, and environmental …

How A Boat Sails Upwind

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 A sailor’s life revolves around the wind. Its direction and its strength govern where he can sail, with what degree of difficulty or comfort, and how quickly. Naturally, the language of sailing reflects how sailors orient themselves and everything around them with reference to the wind. Upwind and Downwind  The sailor’s world is roughly divided into two hemispheres: upwind and downwind. anywhere or anything in the direction from which the wind is blowing is upwind; anywhere or anything in the direction toward which it’s blowing is downwind.  When sailing, you trim the sails according to the wind direction relative to …

Where Is All the Plastic Going?

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We all know there is a plastic problem and we come in contact with the issue on a regular basis. Sailors commonly see plastic floating on the surface and beachcombers pick up their fair share of marine debris on the sand.   ASA continues to support the Plastic Pollution Purge as we encourage sailors to refrain from using single-use plastics and we promote environmental initiatives that work to keep our oceans clean.   As sailors, we must all do our part. Plastic Pollution FAQ’s Where Is All the Plastic Going in Our Ocean? According to a scientific journal published in, In …

The Science of the Ocean

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The ocean is a vast space, and sailors inhabit just the surface. Below us, around us, and even above us, we are all affected by what goes on in the oceans. The ocean is where we sailors yearn to be. After all, if you had a choice, would you rather be at your desk or on a boat? While many sailors never stray far from shore, it is essential to understand a bit more about that giant body of water that you love to sail on. The ocean we all know is a product of billions of years of evolution. …