What Does That Mean on a Boat?

Confusing Boat Vocabulary Inevitably you will have a non-sailor on your boat and you’ll ask them for something or you will refer to something else and they will stare at you with bewildered eyes. That is why boat terminology is so fun because it is meant to confuse the non-sailor and make the sailor appear to be all-knowing. Well, that’s not technically true but the vocabulary of a sailor tends to utilize words from the English language that already have meaning and give them another definition. Take a look at these boat terms and see if you have mastered your … Continue reading What Does That Mean on a Boat?

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plastic soup

Ask Lauren: What is “Plastic Soup”?

ASA has brought on marine conservationist Lauren Coiro to help with advocacy and education when it comes to how sailors interact with the environment that they call home. “Ask Lauren” will be a regular feature where our questions on the environment will be asked and answered.

Do you have a question? Ask Lauren!

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plastic pollution challenge

Join ASA in the Landfill Challenge!

You’ve been challenged!

Sailors are motivated to contribute less to the ocean’s plastic problem, but when plastic is incorporated into almost everything we do, where do we begin? The average American generates over 4 pounds of trash every day, and when we send it to landfill, it becomes out of sight, out of mind. Whether we live on the coast or we sail on landlocked lakes and rivers does not matter: about 95% of the plastic in the ocean originated on land and gets carried through our waterways.
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Learning to Sail in the Florida Keys

Sailing In The Keys

Let’s go straight for the cliches and talk about the Conch Republic and a salty life and toss in flip-flops while you are at it. In a world away from everywhere the Florida Keys stands out as an outpost for the rest of us. The Florida Keys calls to people who would rather disregard responsibility and embrace the sensibility of not being sensible.

In other words, if you fantasize about boat life or you just want to spend time near the water, the Keys might be calling you. If you want to learn how to sail there are quite a few places in the Florida Keys where ASA courses are taught and where you can combine a getaway with enhancing your sailing education.

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new year new ocean resolution

New Year, New Ocean

January is a fresh start, and after a year-long rollercoaster of environmental news, I am feeling hopeful about what’s to come. 2018 was a year of awareness, and while it was painful to learn about the state of our oceans, we now have the power to fix it. 2019 is not only about becoming better sailors; it’s also about becoming better stewards of the ocean.
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Considering a Catamaran Charter? Know The Language

If you are considering a charter there is a good chance you’ll be thinking about a catamaran for your sailing vacation. While you should pick up ASA’s Cruising Catamarans Made Easy or consider taking ASA 114, Cruising Catamaran, you might want to brush up on the vocabulary that is specific to catamarans.

If you feel like you need a major refresher on boat terms, check out our piece on Sailing Terms Everyone Should Know.
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American Sailing Association in 2018: The Year in Review

Our commitment is to be a voice for the sailing community and a role player in the global arena when it comes to environmental stewardship and awareness.

At the American Sailing Association, the goal was and is to share the love of sailing with as many people as possible while being a steward for the lifestyle in our community. 2018 saw the implementation of an ASA directive to increase its reach not just within the sailing world but on a global scale. As sailors and as members of the worldwide community ASA understands its place and its responsibility to the environment, to the people it serves and to the greater good of the planet.
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