Seamanship Gone to the Dogs!

Seamanship Gone to the Dogs!

By: Humor, Learn To Sail

Yes, your furry first mate is great to have around on a day-sail or cruise – they provide moral support, positive affirmation and usually a bit of comic relief. But ask them to trim the jib or hoist the main and they are useless! However, your four-legged crew can actually help you with your sailing skills…

How Much Does It Cost to Learn to Sail?

By: Learn To Sail, Schools

Frankly, there is no way to value the cost of sailing lessons, instead, the best way to consider what you want from a sailing school and how much you will pay is to consider just how much you will get from the school you plan on attending. The needs of the experienced sailor who owns his or her own boat are far different than the beginner who will need far more instruction. While price is a factor, what comes in the package is more important. For example, if you consider the time spent on the water versus the time spent …