July Is National Learn To Sail Month

I had ridden a bike past these boats for years. I had looked across the forest of masts every Saturday for as long as I could remember. I had spoken the words countless times, “I need to learn to sail.” Naturally, I bought a boat before I knew how to operate it. It was a Catalina 27 and it might as well have been a mega-yacht because the moment I bought it I was hooked and I knew I would always be a sailor. I had a boat. So many years later the couple of weekends that it took to … Continue reading July Is National Learn To Sail Month

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Women On The Water – The Crew On The Arctic Loon

Captain Anne Alberg and Captain Diana Trump are currently sailing across the Pacific Ocean on a journey to New Zealand from their starting point in Seattle. They are sharing their journey with ASA readers along the way. Their story was introduced in this piece Women on the Water -the Journey of the Arctic Loon How would you pick a crew for a long sail? Captain Anne describes the process for us. Selecting ASA Graduates as Crew for Arctic Loon’s Offshore Crossings? Finding a qualified crew is a challenge for the offshore cruising community. Qualified is not always defined as experienced … Continue reading Women On The Water – The Crew On The Arctic Loon

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Inside Sailing Tracy Edwards Maiden

Inside Sailing – Tracy Edwards, Skipper of Maiden

We had the pleasure of interviewing ocean racer Tracy Edwards in anticipation of a fantastic new sailing documentary called Maiden that tells the story of Tracy and her all-female crew racing around the world in the Whitbread Round the World Race back in the late 80s, early 90s. It’s an action-packed film that is as much about sailing as it is about the evolution of a society’s attitudes and mores towards women.

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ASA Featured Instructor: Stacey Brooks, SeaDog Sailing

Stacey Brooks seems to always be on a boat. She recently completed a sailing adventure in Cuba and will be sharing her stories from that journey with ASA readers in the near future. Her school, Sea Dog Sailing is based in The British Virgin Islands. If there was ever a person who personifies what ASA is trying to promote with the “Women on the Water” campaign it is captain Stacey Brooks and her ever valuable first mate Allison Beauvais.

Captain Stacey is this month’s ASA Featured Instructor.

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5 Spots To Use Your ASA 101 Certification

Not long ago I watched as a pair of newlyweds hired my 12-year-old to teach them how to sail. We were on vacation and my two boys had been zipping across the horizon for over an hour and as they sailed the Hobie Cat back onto the sand the newly married couple negotiated a chartered cruise right on the spot. My son, ever the opportunist, jumped aboard, handed them life vests and explained where the couple would sit. He then had his younger brother give them a gentle push off the shore. Just like that, the couple was on a … Continue reading 5 Spots To Use Your ASA 101 Certification

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Sailing in San Francisco with Spinnaker Sailing

Spend any time in San Francisco and you’ll be hard-pressed to ignore the Bay. While the sourdough bread bowls and cable cars get a lot of press along with the world-class dining and Golden Gate bridge; the sailing in the Bay is what should attract you to this Northern California city.

Be careful not to leave your heart here and always save time for some on-land diversions.

We asked the sailors at Spinnaker Sailing-San Francisco about their love affair with the city and they were more than eager to tell us why you should be choosing San Francisco as a sailing destination.

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