ASA Featured Instructor: Thelma Brooks

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Thelma Brooks of Narragansett Sailing School is This Month’s Featured Instructor Mary Goff, owner of Narragansett Sailing School suggested we should feature one of her instructors, Thelma Brooks. She shared testimonials from her students and the underlying theme was her patience with students. The testimonials can be found at the bottom of this article but it is important to note that she makes strides teaching other women to sail. The American Sailing Association has quite a few women instructors who are making a huge difference in bringing more women on the water.  Captain Thelma Brooks is this month’s ASA Featured …

Modern Sailing Success Stories

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Modern Sailing School in Sausalito has been in operation since 1983 and has certified hundreds of sailors. Their instructors regularly are showered with praise from new sailors who have learned to sail on San Francisco Bay. Do you need the inspiration to learn to sail or to advance your sailing education? Shuffle through some of these endorsements of the sailing education at Modern Sailing. Are you ready to work on your sailing skills? Have a review of a sailing school? Leave us a comment below and we will publish it. Modern Sailing Success Stories Kate and Warren Templeton, Modern Sailors …

Captain’s Tip: Have You Checked Your Rigging?

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Captain Dan Ryder of Sail Channel Islands shares a story with ASA about the importance of keeping your boat rigging in good shape. Captain Dan Ryder is one of our featured Instructors, you can read all about him here. We had a bit of drama the other day when we picked up a distress call while we were conducting refresher training. The vessel calling told Coast Guard sector LA that they’d been dismasted and needed assistance. They reported that they were just south of Arch Rock at Anacapa Island.

Sailing and The Responsibility of the Sailor to the Environment

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As ASA does its job of being an advocate for the world’s oceans, we asked Marine Conservationist Lauren Coiro about how sailors can make an impact on the environment that they take so much from, the Ocean. Her advice sheds light on the bigger picture of environmental sustainability as well as the simple fact that each and every one of us can make a difference.

Do You Use Your VHF Radio?

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 VHF radio is the primary means of urgent communication between boats, shore facilities, and emergency services. VHF Signals travel line-of-sight with typical ranges of 20 to 30 nautical miles. Recreational boats under 65 feet are not required to have a VHF radio but most sailboats and powerboats carry one aboard because of its simplicity, convenience, reliability, and, above all, it is a vital part of the safety equipment.   VHF Channel Designations Each VHF channel is assigned a designation as to who can use it and for what purposes. The channels Commonly Used by recreational craft in the US are as …

Interactive Media Classes (Online Learning)

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It’s no secret that the COVID-19 crisis has changed all of our lives forever and the sailing world is no different. From closed marinas to social distancing on sailboats, ASA has begun to re-examine what the new normal will look like once we are all allowed to go back to our daily routines. One thing that ASA did learn is that there is a need for online courses in the form of interactive online instruction. While study at home courses were already being utilized by some sailing schools the need for a bonafide online course alternative has been realized and …