Lady Liberty Regatta in New York Harbor

The American Sailing Association has launched a new campaign designed to get more women on the water. The “Women Wake Up Zone” encourages more women to take the helm. The Manhattan Yacht Club is hosting the Lady Liberty Regatta, an all-female regatta on June 8 and 9, 2019. Manhattan Sailing School is the public teaching arm of Manhattan Yacht Club.

Women On The Water

The top women sailors are about to compete in a New York Harbor Regatta. The Manhattan Yacht Club, the largest and most active sailing club in the New York Harbor, will host The Lady Liberty Regatta, an all-women’s regatta on June 8 and 9, 2019. The Regatta will bring together sixty-five of the top amateur women sailors from across the US to compete in front of one of the world’s most famous icons, the Statue of Liberty.
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ocean plastic can

Can Overboard!

Scenario: You crack open a cold one after a long day of sailing. Your buddy Jim finishes his first beer (rather quickly) and tosses the can overboard. When prodded about the environment, he confidently responds, “It’s just metal- it will break down naturally.” A debate starts, and you want it to stop so you can enjoy the sunset and your beverage in peace. Does Jim have a point? A Brief Beer History Lesson Back in the 1930s when designers were tinkering with how to can beer, they kept encountering a problem: the beer reacted quickly with metal, causing an unpleasant … Continue reading Can Overboard!

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The Sailing Season – Oahu, Circumnavigating The Island

ASA Outstanding Instructor Greg Martin of Sail Hawaii is very familiar with the waters around the Hawaiian Islands and he regularly sails and teaches out of Oahu. Greg has contributed to a three-part story on sailing in Hawaii. Venturing further than Waikiki, a sailing adventure from Oahu might start with a short cruise to Keehi Lagoon. Downwind from Ala Wai, Keehi is home to La Mariana Sailing Club, the original Tiki Bar and an unofficial “dock and dine” stop with some of the best seafood dishes, local favorite rum punch, and live entertainment. After a fun night at La Mariana, … Continue reading The Sailing Season – Oahu, Circumnavigating The Island

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Choosing a Charter Boat Company

When you took your first ASA 101 course this is the moment you were dreaming of. The sailing vacation where you are captain and the entire family is your crew. You could see it happening as you first picked up your Sailing Made Easy textbook. When you took ASA 103 it became all too clear that no matter what happened for the rest of your life, your excursion would not be complete until you chartered your own boat. After ASA 104 all the confidence you had gained led you to this moment when you began your search for a charter boat.

Well, it’s time for you to set off on your own and explore endless shorelines and secluded coves. You have mapped out your plan and you have reserved your vacation time now all you need is a boat. How do you choose a charter company to rent a boat for a week?
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ASA's Veteran Sailing Education Program

Veteran’s Sailing Education Program Update

Last year the American Sailing Association launched its Veterans Sailing Education Program to promote sailing among veterans and to give back to those who have served in our nation’s military. Over 100 schools are participating and numerous veterans across the country have taken advantage of the discounts provided by ASA to learn the art of sailing.
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Mediterranean Mooring: What Is It and Why?

The moment you step off your yacht in St. Tropez you realize that you have hit the sailing jackpot. Well…that is if your mega yacht is backed stern to the quay and you’re debarking with a quick walk across the passarelle in view of all of the onlookers sipping coffee in the sidewalk cafes. At that point you are royalty and the Mediterranean mooring has turned you into an automatic A-lister.
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ASA Featured Instructor: Joan Gilmore, Sail Away Sailing School

Captain Joan Gilmore can be found at Sail Away Sailing School in Minnesota but that is just her physical address. You really find her out on the water as she leads trips to her favorite ports on a regular basis. She holds a master’s degree in adult learning styles and has been an Instructor Evaluator for ASA since 2000, training Small Boat through Advanced Coastal Cruising Instructors in the U.S., Japan, and the Caribbean. The former ASA Education Coordinator now serves on three non-profit sailing boards and writes articles for Sailing and other national magazines.

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