Featured Sailing School: Erie Islands Sailing School

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Erie Islands Sailing School was founded over ten years ago by Tim McKenna and purchased last year by former students Kent and Tricia Purvis.  How cool is that to have former students continue to help teach others?  The school has always been based on education, safety, and fun for our students. This Month’s Featured School is Erie Islands Sailing School Where They Sail Erie Island Sailing School is the premier sailing school for American Sailing in Lake Erie. Erie Islands offers two sailing locations, with classes out of Cleveland (Edgewater Marina) and Sandusky (Safe Harbor Sandusky). In Sandusky, introductory classes sail …

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Starpath School of Navigation

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Online Sailing Courses Starpath School of Navigation has been offering courses for over 30 years and is an American Sailing Affiliate. Starpath has taught classroom courses since 1978, having had more than 30,000 classroom students when they switched to all online training in 2002; They have had thousands of online students since then. Their extensive classroom experience is the foundation for online training. American Sailing and Starpath have teamed up to offer online instruction of sailing courses that do not require you to leave your home. As much as we enjoy being out on the water, we understand that it …

ASA Way to Foretell a Lowering Sky

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“When in evening, say ye, ‘Fair weather, for the heaven is red’. And if in morning, say, ‘Today will storm, for the sky is red and lowering’.” – The Book of Matthew 16:2-3 In late winter and spring precipitation begins its transition from snow to rain. As rain clouds form, they become thicker and lower in the sky, usually as a warm front approaching from the west climbs on top of an existing cool air mass. Eventually, the clouds turn blue-gray or heavy gray in color. This process of cloud condensation, with varying success, has been predicted ahead of time …

The American Sailing Mother’s Day Gift Giving Guide

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Every day should be Mother’s Day because most of us sailors probably were a handful and we somehow ended up ok. Well, at least most of us are ok, a lot of us are still a handful.  Mothers do a lot to foster whom we become as adults. If the mother in your life is a sailor she is probably raising young sailors who will learn to love the ocean, protect the environment and cherish the sailing lifestyle.  This Mother’s Day, give a gift that says you appreciate her. Mother’s Day Sailing Gift Ideas Somand Sailing Jacket View this post …

ASA Featured Instructor: Jeremiah Swetel

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Captain Jeremiah Swetel of Erie Islands Sailing is This Month’s Featured Instructor Jeremiah started his journey with boating at the age of ten in Cleveland. He has extensive experience sailing and boating in all parts of Lake Erie. Jeremiah also enjoys racing at his yacht club and sailing with friends and family. Jeremiah holds his USCG 25T Master Near Coastal license with Sailing and Towing endorsements and is certified by the American Sailing Association to teach ASA 101, 103, and 104. Captain Jeremiah Swetel is this month’s ASA Featured Instructor.