Inspiration in the Form of Images

As we all stand pat and do our part to be responsible we want to give you some inspiration.  This will pass and we will soon be back out on the water enjoying each other’s company.  For now, it’s okay to daydream and think about sailing.  We’ll help. Sometimes very few words are necessary. Sunset in Martha’s Vineyard Sunset in the British Virgin Islands Time Alone on the Bow What Do You Sail? Gold at the End of the Rainbow That Feeling That Only Sailing Can Give You Soon We Will Be Sailing Where Does Sailing Take You?

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The Best Sailing Movies

Since we seem to have a little extra time on our hands why not binge watch some sailing movies? These may or may not be mainstream movies. The recurring theme is rooted in an adventure with sailing being the common thread between these films.  9 of the Best Sailing Movies Ever Made Mutiny on the Bounty  This 1962 film starring Marlon Brando as Acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian tells a story of the mutinying of Captain William Bligh’s Royal Navy Vessel HMS Bounty. A modern version title, The Bounty was made in 1984 starring Mel Gibson. Amazon Streaming: Mutiny on the … Continue reading The Best Sailing Movies

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Should You Be Sailing During The Coronavirus

Before you decide to go sailing you should check with your local county, city or municipality to understand what they are recommending. While some cities/counties are on a soft lockdown your locations may not be on restrictions. For example, in New York, everyone is ordered to work from home but solitary walks and outdoor exercise is permitted. In California, walks outside are permitted while practicing social distancing. Those two states are being effected greatly by the Coronavirus and your location may have different restrictions.

How those restrictions relate to sailing is somewhat ambiguous.

If you do sail, here are some guidelines to follow:

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ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing – What You’ll Learn

I sat on the deck of a sailboat and I listened to a teenager explain the basics of sailing. I was impressed. The cloak of mystery behind something as simple as sailing is lifted when it is brought down to the simplest and truest form. “You need wind in your sail and the boat will move forward.” The lesson continued with very little discussion about how things worked and more about why things worked.  The teens laughed a lot. They pointed out things on the water. At one point one teenager closed her eyes and let the wind hit her … Continue reading ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing – What You’ll Learn

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Sailors and the Corona Virus

We don’t have to remind you that currently the hot topic in the news is the Corona Virus (COVID-19) but we could shed some light on how we think it affects the sailing community. After all, when we get on a boat and the breeze fills the main, we feel the tug of nature on the boat and our body;  it is hard to imagine that anything can harm us. Sailing often takes us into a state of euphoria.

It’s a great feeling but is that accurate? Are we safe out on the ocean and free of the contagion? Sailing is often a refuge from our life. Sailing takes us away from the ordinary. 

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Sailing Belize With Belize Sailing Vacations

Why Sail Belize?

On the shores of the Caribbean Sea and nestled between Mexico and Guatemala, English speaking Belize marries spectacular waters, hundreds of idyllic islands and the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world with a fascinating, culturally rich heritage. Still relatively undiscovered as a sailing destination, anchorages are so quiet you may only see a handful of boats in a more popular location and there are a myriad of islands to explore. The trade winds typically blow in from the east, ensuring the ultimate sailing conditions for sailing north or south. 

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