The ASA Mother’s Day Gift Giving Guide

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Everyday should be mother’s day because most of us sailors probably were a handful and we somehow ended up ok. Well, at least most of us are ok, a lot of us are still a handful.  Mother’s do a lot to foster who we become as adults. If the mother in your life is a sailor she is probably raising young sailors who will learn to love the ocean, protect the environment and cherish the sailing lifestyle.  This Mother’s Day, give a gift that says you appreciate her sailing lifestyle. Mother’s Day Sailing Gift Ideas Somand Sailing Jacket Smart clothing …

Meet the SeaKeepers

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The American Sailing Association has an exciting new partnership with the International SeaKeepers Society to promote ocean research and conservation.  The International SeaKeepers Society promotes oceanographic research, conservation, and education through direct involvement with the yachting community.  Who Are The International SeaKeepers Society? Our small but distinguished membership includes entrepreneurs, yachtsmen, corporations, divers, scientists, and concerned citizens building a global movement to help restore and protect the world’s oceans. As a private/public collaborative effort, the Society focuses on critical ocean issues in cooperation with government agencies, other like-minded organizations, the academic community, and the public. Our motto is, “Research. Educate. …

Product Review: Lani Shades

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If I am being entirely truthful I will tell you that I don’t wear sunglasses. My prescription glasses transition to sunglasses when I go outside and I am just lazy enough to believe that is all I need. Well, that may have changed. I put on my contact lenses and decided I would take the Lani Shades,  Lani Ohe Aina Black, for a whirl.  First, these sunglasses feel like they are way too dark. In fact, I initially didn’t think I could wear them because they felt too dark. However, once I was on the water and the sun was …

Ask Lauren: How Do I Know Which Sunscreen is Ocean-Friendly?

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Sunscreen is a sailing essential any time of year, but the upcoming summer rays mean it’s time to break out the good stuff. There’s nothing like relaxing on deck with some good music and lathering up with tropical scented potions to get that sun-kissed glow. But what happens once we shower off or go for a dip? Our goos and sprays quietly enter our waterways and air, about 14,000 tons per year according to the National Park Service. Many of these products can do serious harm to marine animals, as well as to our own health. Coral Reefs Are In …

earth day 2019

This Earth Day, Treat the Planet Like It’s Your Boat

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I first learned about the art of sailing when I was nineteen years old. I had signed up for a semester abroad with a program that teaches students marine biology and oceanography courses, as well as sailing and coastal navigation skills. After a year of scraping together money and filling out forms, I spent my sophomore winter on an 88’ schooner in the Caribbean with a plan to sail to twenty islands.

The Science of the Ocean

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The ocean is a vast space, and sailors inhabit just the surface. Below us, around us, and even above us, we are all affected by what goes on in the oceans. The ocean is where we sailors yearn to be. After all, if you had a choice, would you rather be at your desk or on a boat? While many sailors never stray far from shore, it is essential to understand a bit more about that giant body of water that you love to sail on. The ocean we all know is a product of billions of years of evolution. …