Learn to Sail with Lauren

Learning To Sail With Lauren

Join Lauren on her adventure as she embarks on a journey to learn to sail. Follow her as she gets her feet wet as a beginner, gains experience, and earns her ASA certifications. The ultimate goal is to complete ASA 104 and go bareboat chartering somewhere exotic.

Meet Lauren

Lauren is a marine biologist, writer, and advocate for ocean-friendly living. She’s spent her entire life in the water, snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking, and has traveled to various parts of the world to study the ocean’s biodiversity and explore coastal communities. Lauren realized that the very best way to experience and appreciate the marine world is to get out there and start sailing!

With her ASA certifications Lauren hopes to make sailing a permanent part of her life and to connect with like-minded people who share her love of the sea. She admires the hard work and simplicity that can come with the nautical lifestyle and is eager to share how her ASA experience raises questions, challenges, and new opportunities along the way.

The Beginning
ASA 101, Basic Keelboat

01. Getting My Feet Wet

In just fifteen short hours, my days of watching from the shorelines are over. I usually don’t buy into the “New year, new me” attitude that comes along after the holiday season, but this time is different. I’m feeling a strong sense that this year is the year, when I stop making excuses and start making moves toward the life I want. This is the year I trade in my bystander hat for a flashy pair of partaker shades. Step number one: become a legit, ASA-certified, bonafide sailor.

02. Day One of Sailing School

I got to the marina about an hour early. No way am I letting this ship sail off without me. Last night I spent perhaps more time than necessary eyeballing a huge pile of clothes and items on my floor, trying to decide what exactly I should bring with me and what I need to bring with me. The email said: “Being a smart sailor means bringing clothing for any type of weather.

03. Sailing in the Clouds

You’d expect the second day of a three-day sailing course to be the least memorable: you’re not in the excitement of the beginning, nor are you feeling the adrenaline of the solo sail ending. But in a world that relies on something as wavering and powerful as the sea and wind, you never know what kind of day you are going to have.”