Insurance For Certified Instructors

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Commercial General Liability Insurance

American Sailing Association has placed COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE specifically for Certified Instructors.  The policy provides defense coverage (if the Certified Instructor is named personally) in a lawsuit for bodily injury or property damage negligently caused by instructional activities.  The ASA policy is solely for the protection of the individual instructors of ASA (while working for ASA Certified Schools).  It does not share its limits with the schools or the national organization itself.  In the event of a sole proprietor, the ASA policy would still benefit him/her as it provides another $1,000,000 in coverage as a certified instructor.

  1. The coverage provided by an ASA Sailing School is primary coverage over this instructor’s insurance program.  This policy is intended to cover individual instructors who may be named in addition to the school.  The school’s policy may provide some protection for the certified instructor depending on the relationship, i.e. employee or independent contractor.
  2. In addition to instruction, this policy will cover certified instructors who volunteer or are paid to help run an ASA event.  The same terms as outlined in number 1. will apply.
  3. The ASA Certified Instructor Liability Insurance does not apply if the Certified Instructor begins his own, or begins to manage, as ASA sailing school.  The Sailing School will need to purchase separate insurance.   The ASA Certified Instructor Liability Insurance policy will still protect the individual as respects to their duties of a certified instructor, not the owner or operator of the school.
  4. Boats used for sailing instruction:Boats owned by, leased to, loaned to or chartered to the sailing schools
    The hull and P&I coverage should be purchased and maintained by the sailing school.  The ASA Instructor’s policy will not cover damage to a vessel used for lessons.Students or Individuals’ Boats Used For Instruction
    The hull & P&I should be provided either by the student’s coverage in place on the boat or insured as a “borrowed boat” by the sailing school.  Again the ASA Instructor’s policy will not cover damage to a vessel used for instructional purposes.Prior to using a non-owned vessel, the details should be worked out as to whom is responsible for the hull & P&I insurance.  In addition, we recommend that a hold harmless or waiver of subrogation be signed to prevent the provider of hull insurance from paying the claim and then trying to recover from a third party such as the school or instructor.