ASA Instructor’s Code of Ethics

In Fall of 2000, the ASA Executive Committee, which is made up of 12 owners and/or managers of sailing schools throughout north America and the Caribbean, voted to require ASA instructors to abide by the following Code of Ethics while engaged in instruction that leads to ASA certification.

Professional Conduct

As an American Sailing Association certified instructor, I agree to:

  • do everything possible to achieve excellence in my professional conduct and deliver the highest quality instruction.
    show respect for students in language and actions, and through the exercise of fundamental human courtesy and a respect for diversity of all people.
  • treat my employers and students with the same honesty I expect for myself. The same honesty will extend to my handling of sailing qualifications, certifications, assessment of students’ abilities, and any circumstances that might exhibit potential for conflicts of interest.
  • treat people fairly without regard to race, sex, religion, age, disability, or national origin.
  • set aside conflicts between me and students or others, within the context of carrying out my professional responsibilities.
  • honor property rights, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.
  • respect privacy, confidentiality and personal exchange of information.
  • strive for excellence in the sailing profession by maintaining and enhancing my own knowledge and skills.
  • strive to maintain continuous and positive communication between students, instructors, schools, members, affiliates, and the American Sailing Association.
  • know and obey laws, statutes and regulations pertaining to my professional work. I will accept full responsibility and consequences for any violation.
  • accept and provide professional review and criticism. This includes review from students, schools, peers, and other individuals or groups involved.
  • honor contracts, agreements, and assigned responsibilities.
  • improve public understanding of sailing’s benefits.
  • support and help those individuals who are subordinate so that they can achieve a high level of success.
  • use the association’s materials and resources in proper and authorized manners.
  • present and groom myself in a manner that is appropriate for the high level of influence and responsibility that accompany my role as a sailing instructor.


As an American Sailing Association certified instructor, I agree to:

  • use all resources available to provide a safe learning environment for all students.
  • assume responsibility for the safety of students and others who have been put in my care.
  • conduct myself in a professional, sober (avoiding all intoxicating substances) and safe manner while carrying out all responsibilities associated with sailing instruction.

Compliance with the Code

As an American Sailing Association instructor in good standing, I consent to uphold and promote the principles of this Code. I recognize that ASA certified instructors that have gone before me established this code of conduct and others that follow will follow not only its tenets, but also the example set by me and others.