Greece, Argrolic and Saronic Gulfs, Mediterranean hosted by Athens Sailing Academy
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Jonathan Chandler

The Flotilla will depart from the island of Poros, we will be using Sun Odyssey Jeanneau yachts, sizes available from 32 up to 45. All the yachts are 2013 or better vintage. The cruise will extend down the southern Peloponnese coast, encompass days of group sailing as well as days of individual sailing. The area that you will be sailing in has moderate winds 10-20 knots, with the highs being in the afternoon. Typically in the evening the winds drops off completely.

The flotilla is organized as a bare boat charter, with each yacht being chartered to a principle. Yachts can be chartered as a whole or individuals can join a cabin chartered yacht. There will be a lead yacht that will have on board an ASA Instructor, hostess, and engineer.